How To See Who View Your Facebook Profile

How To See Who View Your Facebook Profile

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platform. We can easily find our friends and share our status with our friends on Facebook. Facebook also become a most popular searching tool. We can easily see anybody profile on Facebook. If we want to search our friends the first and easy solution that comes in our mind is using Facebook. People also want to know about who is recently view our Facebook profile. It’s human tendency to know about who is interested in your profile. Facebook do not provide such feature as it is against the Facebook policies and violate them. Their are numerous Facebook tricks and apps claim that it can inform you about who have viewed your Facebook profile then they took advantage of your unawareness. All these apps are spam and their only purpose is to steal your information. So here we will discuss few famous methods which claims to be working to find who view your Facebook profile in accurate and secure manner. Just give them a try.

Possible Ways To Check Who View Your Facebook Profile ?

Method 1:- Chrome Profile Visitor Extension.

The only way to know this information is Chrome Profile Visitor Extension. This chrome extension works 100 percent. But you can only know about those profile visitor who have already installed this chrome extension and view your profile through chrome browser. This chrome extension is totally ads free. So let’s start informing your friends about this chrome extension.

Steps to view your profile visitor

1. First of all download and install the chrome extension from the link below.

Download button

2. Now login with your Facebook account using chrome browser.

3. You will see an extra visitor Tab next to home option.

4. Click on the visitor Tab. You will see all the recent visitor of your profile with time.

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Method 2:- Using View Page Source Option.

  1. Open your Facebook timeline by logging to your FB account and copy the link
  2. Now view this page source by right clicking the mouse and click view page source option.
  3. After this we will see the page source with lots of html, CSS, and JavaScript.
  4. Now press control+ f to find some text in the page.
  5. Now type InitialChatFriend list in the search box.  
  6. After this text we will see a list of FB ids in numbers.
  7. Now just open the and paste the first id number with “/” . For example
  8. First id is the id of person how often visit your Facebook profile.

So we hope you like this amazing tricks to know who view your Facebook profile and don’t forget share it with your friends.