WeatherBug Review: Best Weather Forcast, Radar, Maps & Alert App

WeatherBug App Review

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we use cell phones. Phones have now left simple calling and texting behind and have rather become a window to the world. They have all kinds of apps that have various intuitive features. These apps connect to the internet and bring the world in our palm. Today’s smartphones rather have the abilities to send and receive emails, browse internet, click high resolution photographs, video calls, chatting and so much more. People can now stream videos and music directly to their smartphone from the internet. One of the most useful things a smartphone can do is predict and display weather. If you own a smartphone, then it can display the current details of weather as well as predict the weather of foreseeable future. It is a great feature and people have been using it with great interest. But for an accurate weather information and predictions, you need to have a good weather app on your smartphone. There are many weather apps for both Android as well as iOS. Hence, it may become difficult for the user to pick the best one for them. Thus, to help them, we here have reviewed one of the best weather application that you can install on your smartphone for smart and accurate weather information and predictions – WeatherBug forecast & radar.

Why To Choose WeatherBug – Forecast & Radar. ?

WeatherBug is a free weather app for your smartphone. It is powered by a large network of professional weather stations across the globe. Hence, this helps the app to provide fast weather alerts, accurate real time weather conditions, as well as forecast for the next 10 days. It has various features that work excellently to enhance the performance of this perfect weather app for your smartphone. WeatherBug displays 18 different types of weather maps that show a Doppler radar satellite, lighting alerts, local temperature, local pressure, local radar, wind chill, heat wave, humidity, pollen, uv index, and much more. This information is more than what you need yet very factual to know. Below are the highlighted best features of the WeatherBug – forecast & radar app.

Download the WeatherBug App On Android & iOS.

You can download the WeatherBug app for your smartphone from the links given below. We have provided the links for both iOS and Android.

For Android Users

For iOS Users

Amazing Features Of WeatherBug App.

1. The “NOW” Screen.

When you open the app, the first screen you see shows a list of parameters for the current weather of your location. It gives you temperature, highest and lowest Temperature, and some other details. On scrolling down, you will see various things like weather news, photos, outlooks, etc. This screen also contains features like WeatherBug home connect, as well as lifestyle features which we will explain below.weatherbug now

2. Detailed Current Weather.

Swiping to the right from the NOW screen shows you rather detailed parameters about the current weather conditions of the selected location. It shows :

  • Wind.
  • Sunrise / sunset.
  • Pollen.
  • Uv.
  • Precipitation.weatherbug details

3. Spark Lightning Alerts.

This smart feature is the gift of the huge weather network of WeatherBug. It enables your smartphone to provide fastest alerts for lightning nearby so you can prepare for safety in severe weather conditions. This feature can also be directly accessed from the NOW screen of the WeatherBug app.weatherbug spark

4. WeatherBug Home Connect.

WeatherBug home connect is rather a very smart and unique feature offered by the app. It connects to your thermostat and optimises the temperature according to the weather. It guarantees savings and perfect temperature for optimum living. The feature has been proven to give best results and is a must try. You won’t find it in any other weather app.

weatherbug home connect

5. Lifestyle Forecast.

Yet another amazing feature of the WeatherBug app is its lifestyle forecast. What it does is that it tells you the forecast according to the activities you have been planning to do. Hence, it can tell you the forecast for golf, swimming and many more activities. You can access this feature from the NOW screen as well.

weatherbug lifestyle

Final words.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the WeatherBug app is one of the best apps  that you can install on your smartphone to stay alert for the current and future weather conditions. Along with basic weather needs, it also has some very innovative features that make it a perfect weather app for your smartphone.