TunesGo Review: One-Stop Solution to Manage Your Entire Mobile Lifestyle


Nowadays, People are using Smartphone for different purposes ranging from daily lifestyle to business. The craze of Smartphone increasing abruptly among youngsters and business professionals. Among millions of smartphone users people have different opinions for iOS and Android devices. But those users who are addicted with iOS devices may fell down with some serious problems when they need to transfer data between cross platform like Android to iOS or Windows to Mac. At that time, they hardly found some best solutions to manage their entire mobile lifestyle at one convenient place.

Among all, iTunes seems to be a common software for iOS users when it comes to transferring data or media files between iOS device and computer. But it has its own limitation and users hardly rely on single source. Usually, once iTunes unable to recognize your device, you will become hopeless to transfer and manage your files.

Today while wandering behind remedies I found a most talkative App among iOS users which replacing traditional tricks. Yes, I am talking about Wondershare TunesGo. This software is developed by china leading software company “Wondershare” and their dedicated team working behind to transform the iOS user experiences. Due to some impressive feature this software manages to give a one-stop solution for iOS users.

Quick features which will impress you

  • One can easily transfer songs, playlists and other iTunes media to either iOS or Android devices.
  • Allowing Phone Transfer, it means you will enjoy transferring contents between one iOS/Android devices to another
  • You can rebuild your library by transferring songs and media files from your iOS/Android devices to iTunes Library
  • Users can fix any unrecognized iPhone iPad or iPod effortlessly
  • It comes with an amazing feature where you can convert any live photos, static photos or videos to GIFs

Let’s talk about Wondershare TunesGo in details,


This is the starting screen of TunesGo. Once you start this software and without connecting any iOS device an inactive page will appear. But On the same, you can find all supported devices. After connecting your smartphone you can see four option,

  • Rebuild your iTunes Library
  • Transfer iTunes Media to Device
  • Backup photos to PC
  • Phone to Phone Transfer

TunesGo Review


Music tab lists all the available music from your phone. TunesGo allows you to create custom playlist also. You can even add music to your device from this software.


Videos tab is somewhat similar to music tab. Here you will be able to see all the available videos from your device from all categories. You can manage your all videos at one convenient place with this App.



In this tab, you will be able to see all your photos from your connected device. Photos from various categories like camera, download, messenger etc are shown here. You can add or remove any photo without much effort. One more feature which should be noticed is “GIF Maker“, It coming with this inbuild feature and you don’t need to pay extra while making Gifs.


Once you click on App tab then you can find an option to manage your all installed applications at one place. You can do whatever you want since at one convenient place you a chance to manage your all Apps directly.



This tab added to give some best advantages for window users. You can see your files which are on phone and SD card with easy management.


Toolbox plays an important role since it facilitates multiple benefits to users without any trouble. From here you will be able to use functions like Rebuild iTunes Library, Transfer iTunes media to other devices, Phone Transfer, One-click Root and GIF Maker.

Final Words

So, that’s all about TunesGo and I tried my best to clear about its all aspects. If you waiting for editorial view on this phone manager then my suggestions may conflicts with our reader’s views. But,After careful analysis about all Pro features of TunesGo I can recommend you to try once. The most promising reason I found is that at one convenient place this software allowing to manage everything related to your phone. Apart from it, sometimes you pay extra cash to buy GIF makers but TunesGo coming with inbuilt features.

This is all about what my experiences, I suggest our readers to share their views in below discussion box 🙂