TunesGo Retro: Let’s Transfer Between iOS Devices Easily

tunesgo retro review by safetricks

TunesGo Retro is an app designed by Wondershare for iOS devices to help the users transfer and manage music as well as photos on their iOS devices without the restrictions of the iTunes app. This is an unbiased review of TunesGo Retro app and we will give you an idea of the usability of this app and help you decided whether you should buy it or not. The TunesGo Retro is a premium app that helps you move or copy media and other data files from one iOS device to another.

TunesGo Retro app is most recommended to those iOS users who are facing problems with their iTunes Library or there is not enough space left on their iPhone and they just want an app that can help them move their data from one iOS device to another but that is not the only feature of the TunesGo Retro.

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The features of TunesGo Retro app are further explained below and we have given our honest opinion on every feature of this app to help you decide whether you should be spending your money to buy this app it or not.


TunesGo Retro helps you transfer music, photos, playlists, movies, TV shows, music videos, podcasts, iTunes U and audio books and almost everything from one iOS device to another. You can transfer the downloaded as well as the media from your iTunes library. You can sync all your devices at once and transfer your media as well as data files from one iOS device to another. You can also upload the media files to your iTunes library and sync it with your computer and transfer file from PC to iPhone as well as transfer file from iPhone to PC.

The great thing about the TunesGo Retro app is that even after you have transferred all the data from one iOS device to another, the file information remains intact. That means you will know the name of the artist, date on which the files were modified etc. including the ratings. Now you will know whether you want to listen to certain music or not even after importing it from another device that is a good feature to have.

tunesgo retro tutorials

TunesGo Retro doesn’t only let you transfer media files between different iOS devices, you can also transfer photos, contacts and messages. In case you are not able to access your primary device, you will have the backup of all those information as well as the media on other devices. TunesGo Retro is truly iOS transfer expert.


Manage the data on your iOS device using the iOS manager and the data you transfer using TunesGo Retro smartly. There are certain feature of the app that make the job of managing the data on your iOS device a lot easier. Following are some of the managing features of TunesGo Retro app.

  • Automatically add the missing information to the tracks such as name of artist, update category and replace the display picture of the track with the official cover of the album or song itself. TunesGo Retro has its own database of all the information related to all the tracks which is similar to that on iTunes and the app can even detect unique remixes of an original song.
  • Selectively transfer files that your device is missing avoiding all the files that you already have using iPhone manager. The app automatically detects all the files that the second device is already having and cancels the transfer of those files while syncing, a smart feature that will save your time and space.
  • DE-DUPLICATIONS help you delete all the duplicate files from your device and freeing the space to add more media files just with a tap in the TunesGo Retro app.
  • Back up your songs and videos to iTunes including ratings, play counts, ID3 tags and skips just like you have on your device and the files can all be transferred at the same time with a single tap.

tunesgo retro tutorials

GIF maker

This is a new feature for the category of apps but it does exceptionally well for what it is designed, you can make gif of your videos and share them on social media as well.

If the above mentioned features are in your interest then I would recommend this iPhone transfer app, it is a steal at just $ 19.95 a year with its premium features that make your multi device experience a lot better. If you have two or more iOS devices then go for it.

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