Top 10 Best Launcher For Android – 2021

Top 10 best launchers for android

The interface plays an important role in the popularity of Android devices. As compared to other OS, the graphical interface representation of android is more attractive and stylish. It is also easy to understand.

But the most interesting thing about android is, there are millions of different apps are available which makes devices more powerful. Even if we start getting bore from your default interface. Then we can install the best launcher for android to change the device look.

On the other hand, we can totally change our device by installing customs ROMs for android. But the installation of custom ROMs for everyone is not possible. In that condition to refresh our device look launcher for android are the best way.

We can experience all the different looks with the help of android launchers. So today we will discuss some best launcher for android which will change your device look effectively.

  1. GO Launcher EX.
  2. Google Now Launcher.
  3. Holo Launcher.
  4. Nova Launcher.
  5. Launcher 8.
  6. Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite.
  7. Action Launcher 3.
  8. Arrow Launcher.
  9. Z Launcher by Nokia.
  10. Aviate Launcher.

List Of Best Launcher For Android.

1. Go Launcher EX.

Go Launcher EXThe topmost and famous launcher for android with over 100 million+ installations. Go launcher is with 1000+ themes and experience the most powerful speedy and small operations with 3d core.

Go launcher includes features like 1000+ personalized themes, super smooth 3d transition, and flipping effects. Additionally, they have 15+ different widgets which include Clock, Calendar, Weather, and much more.

Go launcher is the top most rated and trusted launcher which transforms your device experience into a great personal online user experience.

Go Launcher EX: Download.

2. Google Now Launcher.

Google Now LauncherFamous Launcher introduces by Google Inc for Android devices to make Google one Swipe away. Google now comes out with amazing features that provide the right information at right time.

Google Now includes a voice feature in which just say ‘OK Google’ then your search query. There are some other functions to perform like Play songs, Send messages, or other things you can do in the launcher.

Google Now Launcher: Download.

3. Holo Launcher.

Holo LauncherHolo Launcher is the simple, fastest, and highly customizable home screen replacement based launcher for android. Not like another launcher holo can be run on Froyo, Gingerbread, ICS, and jellybean.

Some best features of Holo launcher are Full ICS style Icon, folder, Drawer tab, outline, etc, Infinite scrolling. Also, they have Backup and restore facilities for settings and shortcuts, Hide label and drawer facility, portrait and landscape grid and much more feature which you will enjoy in this launcher.

Holo Launcher: Download.

4. Nova Launcher.

Nova LauncherNova Launcher is a highly customizable, high-performance home screen replacement launcher for Android 4.0+.

It includes the most polished and customizable features which include color themes with full-color picker support, Apply Go launcher icon for all apps, Favorite app on Dock, Scroll effect, Transparency, customizable app drawer, backup and restore feature, Widget overlapping, unread counts for SMS, emails, miss calls and much more.

This launcher is full of great features and nova will definitely transform your device with the best options.

Nova Launcher: Download.

5. Launcher 8.

Launcher 8If are bored with the android interface but you don’t want to buy any another OS phone just because of Android features then don’t worry here another launcher which will give interface of Windows phone and OS of Android in other words Launcher for Android phone which makes the device looks like Windows Phone.

Launcher 8 is one of the famous android launchers which changes your Android interface with a Windows Phone look which includes almost the same look as on the actual device.

It includes the same Tiles look with many other features.

Launcher 8: Download.

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6. Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite.

Next Launcher 3D shell LiteNext Launcher 3D is one of the famous launchers for android with real 3D visual effects. It provides 3d effects with a buttery smooth experience, a Stunning 3D screen preview with the screen switching animation, 3D widgets, 3D themes designed by the Go launcher team.

Multi-select app to fulfill batch operation on Android launcher home. It is totally based on the 3D effect but these features are limited until you upgrade to its premium version So give try to  Next launcher.

Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite: Download.

7. Action Launcher 3.

action launcherAction Launcher 3 is rather our favorite android launcher. It has a stock android look yet a set of unique features built-in it. This launcher also has a quick access page which is very helpful.

Pro account will unlock rather interesting features like accessing widgets through app icons. It has a very stable built and can be easily used permanently.

Action Launcher 3: Download.

8. Arrow Launcher.

arrow launcherArrow Launcher launched by Microsoft has progressed to become a great launcher. This launcher provides a home screen to put your apps. It is an extremely easy task to pre-set home screens that display frequent contacts and apps, recent documents, reminders, etc.

You can easily set up the Microsoft ecosystem of services accessible right from your home screen.

Arrow Launcher: Download.

9. Z Launcher by Nokia.

z launcher nokiaThis is a very minimal launcher yet it performs exceptionally well. It features a home screen where you can actually write whats you are looking for.

It is available as a beta on the Play Store but it offers a very stable performance. we recommend this launcher for people who prefer high functionality and quick access.

Z Launcher by Nokia: Download.

10. Aviate Launcher.

aviateAviate Launcher is offered by Yahoo for all android devices. It came out a couple of years back and has delivered an excellent performance.

The launcher has some contextual elements which deliver apps when you need them. it also has a smart stream for the content of your interests.

Aviate Launcher: Download.

We hope you like these few best launchers for Android devices which makes them attractive.