Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS – 2020 (Top 10)

Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS iphone ipad

iPhone is considered as the best smartphone. Also, it is a premium device, and its performance is unmatched. Apple builds its operating system, and it is called iOS.

iOS is a very secure operating system, and there are not many loopholes in it. But still, there is always a way to bypass all the Apple security and install apps from other sources.

All you need to do is to Jailbreak your iPhone. With the help of jailbreak, you can install apps and tweaks from various sources and customize your iPhone in a whole new way.

These tweaks can make changes in the default interface of your iPhone. Once you jailbreak your iPhone, you see a third-party app store named Cydia on your smartphone.

It is a place to get all the tweaks and apps for your jailbroken iPhone. There are thousands of tweaks on Cydia, which you can install on your iPhone to make changes in the iOS interface.

Therefore, we have collected and brought for you the list of top best Cydia tweaks for iPhone that you should try on your jailbroken iPhone. These tweaks can be easily searched for on the Cydia app store.

List Of Best Cydia Tweaks For iPhone.

1. App Drawer.

iOS doesn’t have an app drawer. All the icons are placed on your home screen. Well, if you also are tired of this layout, then you can have an Android-like app drawer on your iPhone by using App Drawer tweak from Cydia.

app drawer iphone

2. BytaFont 3.

This little tweak for iPhone lets you change the font of iOS, which is San Francisco. You can select and apply any front you like with BytaFont 3.bytafont

3. Browser Changer.

Love Opera or Chrome? Then, you can use any of them as your default browser instead of Safari Browser. For that, you have to use this little tweak. And your problem will be solved.

Your links will open in your favorite browser.browser changer

4. Delete Forever.

Firstly, whenever you delete a photo on the iPhone, it goes to a deleted folder in the Photos app. And, if this is annoying and you want to delete the photos permanently. Then, we have a solution for you.

You can use this Cydia tweak for iPhone to add an option to delete your photos permanently. delete forever ios

5. Instagram ++

This tweak is very functional and convenient for Instagram users. It quickly lets you save and copy photos as well as videos to clipboard from Instagram.

You can directly share them using social apps.instagram ++ tweak

6. Cercube 3.

If you have ever wondered if there is a way to save YouTube videos on your iPhone, then we have the answer for you. Cercube 3 lets you instead save YouTube videos directly from the YouTube app for iPhone.cercube youtube download

7. TinyBar.

TinyBar shrinks the notification banner to a simple bar on the top of the screen. It makes sure it doesn’t cover up and of the critical content on the screen while you are using your iPhone.tiny bar cydia

8. UntetheredSiriHeySiri.

Only iPhone 6s users have the comfort of using hey Siri voice command all the time. But if you own an old iPhone, you can still use this feature without plugging into a power source using this tweak.untethered hey siri

9. YouTube ++

Another best in all Cydia tweaks for ios is a great little tool. It enhances your YouTube experience. YouTube ++ blocks all ads from YouTube, and you can enjoy endless videos without interruption.

It also ads the capability to watch YouTube videos in the background so you can turn of your screen and listen to music on background play iphone

10. Chrome Downloader plus.

This tweak is for iPhone users who want to download files on their iPhone using the browser. Thus, by installing Chrome Downloader Plus, users can download data on their iPhones.

As well as users can also download YouTube videos easily with this downloader plus

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that there are thousands of Cydia tweaks available on Cydia, and it is impossible to mention all. We have picked out the best Cydia tweaks for iOS here, which you should try on your iPhone. Still, if you want to suggest any other tweak worth mentioning, please write to us in the comments below.