Cool Things To Do After Rooting Android Phone (10+ Tips)

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In case you are reading this article. You must have probably rooted your Android smartphone. Or you are planning to do it soon. With rooting, you can remove system applications that you don’t need.

You can flash third-party ROMs, and you can overclock your CPU, and a lot more—all of the stuff that you wouldn’t be allowed to do otherwise. There is a whole new world after rooting the android smartphone.

Today we will share some of the fantastic things you can do with your Android after rooting it.  There are many crazy and fresh things that you can do after rooting the android smartphone.

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Note- Rooting is fun, but it is also pretty risky. Because of this, we don’t encourage it. If you perform the hack, then you might break your smartphone or tablet. The warranty won’t cover the damage. So, Root only at your own risk.

Cool things to do after Rooting Android smartphone

1. Get Rid Of Bloatware.

Most Android smartphones come with pre-loaded software that the owner won’t’ need ever. These type of applications are called bloatware.

Glad that there are ways to disable or uninstall unwanted software. All these make our app drawer looks like a junkyard.

They consume memory in the internal storage of the Device. It continuously runs in the background and slows down our phone and drain battery. Android users can Remove Preinstalled Apps easily.


2. Increase RAM Of Android Devices.

Yes, with Android smartphones, you can do several tweaks, and one of them is you can increase the RAM of your Android Smartphone.

There are many ways and apps with the help of which you can increase the RAM of your rooted Android Smartphone. As you increase the RAM, you can speed up your Android Smartphone.

Some methods include using apps, and others involve partitioning your SD card and then make your phone use that partition as your phone’s additional RAM, which in turn speeds up the Device.

So if you have a slow android smartphone, increasing the RAM is a must thing to do after your Root your Android Smartphone.

root apps

3. Increase Internal Memory.

Some Android Smartphones have deficient internal memory like some low-end smartphones. From Samsung, HTC Etc, which only has around 300 MB of internal memory. Then, installing applications becomes a pain.

After installing the most required applications like Instagram, Facebook, etc., the memory is almost full. So, it won’t allow you to install any further app. But do not worry, if you have rooted your Android Smartphone, there is no such problem.

You can increase the internal memory of your Android Smartphone if you specifically have a smartphone with deficient memory.

4. Overclocking Your CPU.

Overclocking is a process by which you increase the clocking speed of the processor in your phone. Then, the processing speed of your phone will automatically increase. And the phone will start performing much faster.

Overclocking your android smartphone requires a skill. So, you should have complete knowledge about what you are going to do.

Overclocking can give rise to many issues like heating defects, and also it can decrease the life of your processor, and even brick your Device if not done correctly. So if you’re a beginner, stay from this overclocking thing.

overclock cpu

5. Try Best Root Apps For Android.

Many apps are must-try after you root your Android Smartphone. Using these apps, you can unleash the real powers of an android smartphone.

You can harness the true potential of your phone. You can do things Like activating the LED Notification lights after rooting your Android Smartphone. Of course, it should have an LED light. There are many apps that you must try, and we have made a list of those apps.

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7. Install Custom ROMs.

Why stick to the monotonous and old interface of the Device as you can get much more interactive looks and much more like significant tweaks with custom ROMs. You can flash custom ROMs and sit back and enjoy the interface on your Android Smartphone.

That is one of the most entertaining advantages of rooting an Andriod Smartphone. Custom ROMs can be pretty cool because they are faster than your smartphone’s built-in stock firmware.

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install custom roms

8. Backup Everything.

It is one of the best things you can do after rooting an android smartphone. Backing up your data using Titanium Backup is a lot easier with which happens to be one of the most popular applications for root users available at the Play Store.

It can keep all your data safe, including system applications, installed apps, and whatever you have stored on your microSD card.

backup everything

9. Kill WiFi Connection Of Others.

If You are using WiFi in your Device, and Some other devices are also connected to the Same WiFi Network, and they are downloading Some Stuff, etc. In this case, Internet Speed in your Phone will decrease, because other people are also using your WiFi Connection.

So, in this case, you can kill the WiFi Connection of their devices. So you will be able to Enjoy High-Speed Data Speed, but WiFi Connection in other methods will not work. They will start getting an error of Connected, No Internet, etc. Isn’t it cool?

Download Button rooting androidwifi kill

10. Record Videos Of Your Screen.

It is the coolest thing you can do after rooting the android smartphone. You can record a video of your Android smartphone’s interface.

You can capture smooth recordings of whatever is being displayed. Then, save them in a convenient MP4 format. Audio can be recorded as well using the smartphone’s microphone.

record videos

In conclusion, we hope you like this list of cool things after rooting an Android phone. Share these games with your friends, as well. Also, tell us your favourite something in the comments below so we can add them to the list as well.