TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop: Premium WP Themes Comparison

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop

With WordPress increasing popularity as a CMS, many website and blog owners around the globe are switching to it and they have a pretty good reason to do so. WordPress is easy to use, is loaded with useful features and has the option to add a lot of plugins and other elements. One such element that that you can apply to your blog or website in order to attract more visitors is a theme. Themes not only make your webpage look more attractive but also make efficient use of space.

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop

Now obtaining a theme for one or two of your blogs is no big deal. However, when you own and operate multiple websites and want to get themes for all of them, theme clubs are the way to go. Our article today is dedicated to them where we’ll be comparing two of the most popular theme clubs and comparing there features. The WP theme clubs that we are comparing today are TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop. So let’s get to it.

Both the themes clubs have beautifully designed themes that are not only good to look but also help you to attract visitors. Themes on both the websites have been SEO coded to help your domain rank better. However, If you stumble MyThemeShop then you find there are more than 100th of themes available but many of their themes have minute changes and they claim to build a unique theme with different name. But at the same time time TeslaThemes won’t have such issues as they believe in quality not quantity.

  • Documentation

Buying and installing a theme should be no difficult task and both the clubs have taken care of it. While TeslaThemes allows an A-Z installation manual paired with necessary screenshots to get you through the process of installing and allowing easy running of themes. However, MyThemeShop provides the users with an instruction manual and video tutorial to help them understand the process even better. But, there’s a catch. You can view the installation instructions with TeslaThemes before making the purchase but that is not in the case with MyThemeShop. Though both the themes club provide clear documentations but again, at TeslaThemes one can take a look before purchase but this is not possible in MyThemeShop.

  • Updates

MyThemeShop is a bit irregular when it comes to updates as they have no fixed periods for rolling out updates. TeslaThemes on the other hand brings our weekly updates. Both clubs allow easy one click installation of updates.

So,TeslaThemes emerges the winner here due to timely updates.

  • Supported domains

Both the theme clubs allow the themes to be sued on unlimited domains. So, here we can say with this feature the result is TIE

  • HTML themes

TeslaThemes has an edge over its competitor here they also provides users with the HTML version of the every themes such that they have good options to modify as the way they want.But, MyThemeShop has no such provision and you’ll have to be manage with just regular theme.

  • Customization

MyThemeShop provides you with bug fixing service for any bugs you might have in your theme but that is all you get in the name of customization. In comparison, TeslaThemes provides all their customers with one hour free customization.

  • Premium Plugins

Under this feature we can see MyThemeShop standing far ahead than TeslaThemes because their dev team building and provide an ease to WordPress users by developing some premium plugins. But TeslaThemes have no such premium plugins.

  • Dashboard Trial

Checking out the product you’re going to buy beforehand is always suggested and TeslaThemes has surely kept that in mind. They allow you to check out the dashboard by simply clicking on the Demo button. This facility however remains absent in MyThemeShop.

[button color=”” size=”” type=”round” target=”” link=”http://teslathemes.com/tesla-test-room/?utm_source=review&ref=Inbound”]Try TeslaThemes Dashboard Trial[/button]
  • Single theme price

Though by not so much, TeslaThemes is considerably cheaper than MyThemeShop when it comes pay for a single theme. You can get a single theme for $59 on MyThemeShop whereas the same can be yours for $48 on TeslaThemes.

Owing to cheaper per theme price, TeslaThemes emerges as the winner.

  • Price to Access all themes

$167/year Vs $59/year ? Which one you going to Choose?  These are the respective prices you’ll have to pay in order to access for all the themes on MyThemeShop and TeslaThemes respectively.However, The extra $108 requires on MyThemeShop for getting permission to access each and every premium plugins listed over there. So, Its clear that in terms of Pricing either for single of All – TeslaThemes emerges to be very cheaper than MyThemeShop.

  • Lifetime package pricing

There is no option to make onetime lifetime payment at MyThemeShop and get access to all their themes and plugins for lifetime. But TeslaThemes is more tolerant when it comes to this feature. Just for a price of $199, you can access all their current themes and 18+ that will be developed every year.

TeslaThemes scores another victory.

  • Money back policy

MyThemeShop has a strict money back policy under which you’ll have to raise a ticket if you see a problem with your product and if your complaint complies with their money back policy, only then you’ll get a refund. TeslaThemes has a better money back policy allows you to get complete refund even in case you are not satisfied within 14 days of making the purchase. You are entitled to a full refund here.

  • Affiliate commission

MyThemeShop offers a flat 70% commission to their affiliates but that is valid only till if you not using any coupon code. If you use an “X”% coupon code, “X”% will be deducted from your affiliate commission. So there’s a catch to MyThemeShop’s commission policy.

On the other hand, TeslaThemes pay you a flat 50% commission with a lifetime 20% coupon code.

So, When it comes to affiliate commission we have a tie between the two but let’s see the another great feature of TeslaThemes Affiliate Program.

  • 2nd Tier lifetime commission

MyThemeShop offers just 10% 2nd tier commission to their affiliates while TeslaThemes offers an additional 5 with total 15% 2 tier lifetime commission. (In short second tier commissions are those which are earned for you by your referral affiliates)

  • Return cookie

A return cookie period of 60 days compared to 90 days is what you get with MyThemeShop and TeslaThemes respectively. So, if you are an expert and experiences affiliate marketer then in my view you always prefer to go with long term cookies.

  • Affiliate payouts

Though both the clubs offer monthly payouts but you can cash out your earning even if it amounts to $1 from TeslaThemes.

  • Support

TeslaThemes offers premium support to their buyers with online FAQs and clear documentation. You can also modify your themes at a charge of $30 per hour. MyThemeShop offers pretty much the same facilities except for the modifying feature.

Owing to an extra paid feature, TeslaThemes is the clear winner here.

  • Conclusion

So, keeping in mind all the different features which we talked above, One can judge that TeslaThemes emerges as the overall winner here. However, this is our personal judgement based on parameters that matter to us. We suggest you to consider that matter to you and choose the WP theme club that suits your needs.

So at last this is all about “TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop”. Have something to add or think we missed out on something? Use the comments box below to get back to use and stay tuned for more such articles.