Simple Steps To Make Your Own Antivirus

Computers have become a part of modern lifestyle. To be rather specific, computers are machines that take instructions from the users to produce results. It depends on us, how we want to use computers. Hence, computers can be used in a lot of fields like banking, education, entertainment and many more. When developers create instructions and programs for malicious intent, they create virus. A virus is a computer program that messes up the file system and harms the software of a computer. Due to these programs, people prefer to install Antivirus apps. These are heavy softwares that continously work in the background to secure your computer. But we have a simple yet effective trick for you to scan your PC for virus just by a notepad file. It is very easy to use and you can perform a scan in a single click anytime.

Use notepad as Antivirus.

We know that good anti-virus software rather have a paid subscription. These softwares are have on resources and constantly run in the background. Hence, they tend to slow down the PC. Instead of this, you can follow the simple trick given below to quickly scan your PC for virus using the notepad accessory app in Windows. The trick is very easy and efficient, so just follow the steps given below.


  • Open your Notepad and paste this given code

@echo off
title Antivirus
echo Antivirus
echo created by your name
if exist virus.bat goto infected
if not exist virus.bat goto clean
cd C:Windowssystem32
echo warning virus detected
del virus.bat
goto start
echo System secure!

  • now save your file with safetricks.bat and select “All files”
  • now run your saved files automatically scan starts

In conclusion, we hope this little guide on how to use notepad as Antivirus is helpful to you. Do not forget to share it with your friends.