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If you are reading this article then you must be fed up with the traditional approached Google AdSense. But don’t worry, you are not alone. Just see the number of searches for the term “AdSense alternative” in Google itself per month.You are just increasing their count by 1 or so and entering in the community where you will look for some other monetization technique to monetize your traffic better. Review: Best Adsense Alternative! Really?

Today I am going to share with you an Link Shortening platform cum Ad network that worth to try. Yes it is

Though is mainly known for their link shortening and its monetization but their ad network for bloggers are also amazing.

Here in this article I am sharing few proven reason as why is a best alternative to AdSense.

Top Reasons :

There are number of reason why is a best AdSense alternative but before going into the details of it, let me tell you a bit about is an Ad network located in the heart of Europe with young internet enthusiasts who working in the niche since years. Their consistent work, quality support and high payout has made themselves number one brand in link monetization world.

1. Good Payment Rates

Yes, this is correct. When you will struggling for USD 0.01-0.05 CPC with AdSense, will give you around $0.1-1 or even more depending on the traffic source and quality. I have seen people getting around $1-$2 of CPC for traffic from search engines from Tier I countries like US and UK. Even if with tier 2 and 3 countries like India, you can earn decent money easily. usually Pay higher and best when you have descent traffic from English speaking countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada etc. You will surprise to know that they paying $15.20 for every 1000 views if the traffic from United states. This is one of the highest and guarantee rate they offering to their publishers. Payout Rate

2. No nonsense ads

Yesterday, Make money online section of my website was showing a sex chat ads from AdSense…really they call themselves as content driven network ?

Really I wrote something like that..? Of course not. But still they do. So if you are also fed up with such ad, it’s time to move on to You will never find such annoying ads from them.

3. Different Options of Ads

Unlike AdSense, where you have limited kind of ads like text ad and banner ad, provides many types of ads like pop up ads, Overlay ads and so on.

So you have wider options available for your site to be followed.

4. No Chance of getting Banned

Yes, AdSense users always remain in the dilemma that what happen if Google will ban their account? All their hard earned money will go in waste within few hours.

This is not with the case with You won’t be banned unless and until you are not doing something extremely unethical. After all they also have to answer the advertisers.

5. No Site Approval Procedures

Unlike AdSense in you have a pre-approved dashboard. Only thing you have to do is “Just Click on sign up link and provide some of the necessary details afterwards all you done”. After entering into your dashboard you can either start shortening your links or generate the ads from Website Script tool. Once you copied those generated script then you need to place it on your website/blogs and Ads will start appearing within second. Isn’t it very easy and quick ?

Now let me tell you how you can sign up for the

How to Sign up for ?

Signing up for the as a publisher is a damn easy thing and won’t take more than couple of minutes.

All you have to do is follow the below steps and start earning from the without any issue in max 10 minutes….excited?

  1. Sign up for the, if you have not done yet. Apart from normal sign up procedure one can also use Facebook log  to create their account.

How to Join

  1. Now login to your account and click on the Website Script option located at the top of the page as shown below-
  1. It will give you a form like below and here you will have to enter your website details. Complete the details and click on Generate Script and in the right hand section, you will find code generated.
  1. Add the generated code to your site where you want to show the ads and done. Ads will start showing on your site. Now just send the traffic and start collecting dollars in your account.

Once you will reach the $5 of threshold, you can get payment through PayPal but for Payoneer you must have threshold amount of $20. Below, i mentioned the various Payment methods from which you can withdraw you earn money from :

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Payment Proof

Conclusion is really a greatad network for bloggers. If you don’t like AdSense or banned from it or not earning much, you must try once and I am sure you won’t get disappointed.