How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

The excessive use use of internet can be directly linked with the boom in social networking sites. Whenever we mention the word “social netwok”, the first name that pops up in our minds is Facebook. Today, Facebook is the king of social media websites. It has millions of active users and a whole lot of features. People love to spend hours on Facebook, chatting with friends, sharing photos, status amd check in’s along with videos and locations every day. But the huge user base of Facebook has attracted many hackers and sniffers to hack Facebook account for valuable personal information. If you are a Facebook user, you must be very careful as a Facebook profile contains personal sensitive information and photos of your loved ones. Facebook messages are also full of details. So it you want to make your Facebook account secure from hackers, here are the best tips & tricks that you need to keep in mind.

How To Make Facebook Account Secure From Hackers.

Given below are the most important tips and tricks to make Facebook account secure from hackers. Users should follow all of them to make their accounts secure against hacker attacks.

1. Secure Browsing.

Facebook offers a secure Browsing feature, which alloes users to browser Facebook safely and without the fear of hacking attacks. This feature stops all external applications from accessing your data on Facebook without approval.
Steps to use “Secure Browsing” are :
Account Settings>Security>Secure Browsing.

secure browsing facebook

2. Set up “Log in Approvals”.

If you worry about someone accessing your account or a Hacker stealing your log in details, you must activate log-in Approvals. It works like 2 step verification where users need to enter a one time code along with the username and password makes Facebook account very secure.
Steps to set up log in Approvals are :
Settings>Security>Login Approvals>Edit.

log in approvals facebook

3. Code Generator for Facebook.

To make your logins even further secure on Facebook, you can use the Facebook code Generator app. This app generates one time codes for secure login. You can download it from the link given below. This feature can be directly accessed from the android app for Facebook.

Download From Playstore

Note: It is available only for Android now.

code generator facebook android

4. Kill active sessions.

A lot of Facebook intruders attack on Facebook acounts left open at public devices. Hence if you worry about your account open in certain devices, you can try this tip to secure your Facebook account. Steps to kill active sessions are :
Account Settings>Security>Active Sessions > End Activity.

5. Link your mobile number.

Believe it or not, a verified mobile number is a huge help in making your Facebook account more secure. Facebook users usually are under the myth that putting phone number on Facebook is risking their security. But they don’t know that you can link Facebook account to your mobile and hide the number in public info. This enables the user to use many security features on Facebook also including the ones mentioned above. Steps to link your phone number are :
Account Settings>Mobile>Add a Phone.

add mobile number facebook

6. Use a Strong Password.

No matter what you do, setting a strong password with alpha numeric characters along with symbols is a great help in making your Facebook account secure from hackers. A strong password is difficult crack or interpret in case encrypted data gets breached.

strong facebook password

7. Use Incognito Modes.

When you access Facebook on a browser, it leaves a huge amount of data in the form of cookies, cache and much more. Some of the browsers even save your log in details automatically. Hence, whenever Facebook users access their accounts on a public device, we always recommend using private mode or Incognito mode. This mode deletes all your browsing information once you close the tab, making your facebook session very secure.

8. Always Log Off.

To save your Facebook account and make it secure against hackers, always log off your Facebook account after you are done browsing. It also makes your account secure. Leaving your account logged in makes it prone to attacks and intruders.

log out facebook

9. Don’t open Spam Links.

We all know internet is full of spam and fake links. These links may sometime lead to a fake website that may look like Facebook website and also steal your log in details. These links can be very dangerous and hence must always be avoided. Make sure that the URL is only and nothing else. Be very careful of fake phishing websites.

10. Set up Trusted Contacts.

Facebook offers users to set some trusted members as trusted contacts. These contacts are used as a verification method in case there is a breach of security in your Facebook account. This is a very important step in case the security of your device is ever compromised.

add trusted contacts facebook

In conclusion, these are the best tips and steps to make your Facebook account secure against hackers. If you have any questions, or any suggestions for us, then feel free to share it with us in comments below.