How To Remove Google Account From Android Phone

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Today, smartphones have become a need instead of a luxury. We depend upon our smartphones to do basic tasks in our daily routine. People have a couple of choices when it comes to buying a smartphone. You can either buy an iPhone or go for an Android device.

While iPhones are expensive and not everyone can afford to get one, Android offers a large number of devices in every budget. People buy and sell a lot of phones as second hand. So, they can quickly upgrade to new models.

As we know, an android smartphone requires a Google account to access Email, Download Apps, Games, Media, and music to your phone. A Google account is also used to back up all critical data to the cloud.

If you are selling your device or even lending your android phone to someone for an extended period, make sure you remove your Google account before handing in your equipment to maintain privacy and keep your data safe.

Today, we are going to present a step to step guide on how you can remove a google account from an android phone.

How To Remove Google Account From Android Phone.

Before getting to the various ways on how to remove your Google Account from an Android phone, let us first make you aware of the most important reasons for dismissing an unknown Google Account or deleting your account from Android Phone.

Here are a few reasons to remove Google Account from Android Phone.

  • All your backed up data such as Google Photos and drive will be accessible.
  • Your device┬álocation can be tracked.
  • Data can be stolen.
  • Contacts and personal details leaks.
  • Whatsapp Chat security compromised.
  • Remote locking of Android devices.
  • The exploitation of Google Play credit and Android Pay.

So, now that you understand the need for removing a Google Account from Android Phone, let us show you various methods that you can follow to remove a Google account from an Android phone.

The Various methods to remove Google Account from an Android Phone are:

1. Remove in Phone Settings.

It is the easiest method to remove your Google account from an Android Phone. A Google account can be easily removed in the settings by following the steps given below.

Step 1. Go to the “Settings” of your Android phone.

Step 2. Scroll Down to Accounts and open it.

Step 3. Open the “Google” option and tap on the three-dot options above.

Step 4. In the small dropdown menu, select “Remove Account”

remove google account

Now you will be guided through the quick process of complete removal of Google account.

Note: The above steps mentioned are for stock Android Roms in devices like Nexus, OnePlus, Pixel, etc. If you own a device with heavily skinned versions of Android, such as Miui or Samsung TouchWiz, the steps may be slightly different.

2. Reflashing Software.

In earlier versions of Android, resetting the device removed the Google account, but then cases of stolen android devices increased.

Hence for security purposes, Google account needs to be re-verified to unlock the device after a factory reset.

Therefore, do not attempt to perform a factory reset with an unknown Google account as it will lock you out of your device.

reset android phone locked with google account

In this case, you will have to reflash your software. We strongly recommend that you visit a local authorized repair centre to get it done professionally as a wrong procedure or flash files can completely ruin your device.

If you wish to flash the software by yourself, you can search for flashing stock firmware of your phone for the specific model on Youtube or XDA developers forums. Follow the steps carefully and do it only at your own risk, and only if you feel confident about the procedure.

Hence, these are the ways you can remove Google Account from an Android Phone.

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In conclusion, we hope the above guide helps you to remove your google account from your android phone helps you keep your privacy safe and your device more secure. For any comments and suggestions, use the comment box below. Feel free to contact for any query or assistance.