30+ Best Rainmeter Skins For Windows To Download (Similar Themes)

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Windows OS has always been very flexible when it comes to the installation of third-party software and applications. This software may range from accounting systems to something as simple as an image viewer.

Before Windows 10, there was excellent support for 3rd party themes, but that doesn’t mean the customization has come to a halt. There are still pretty amazing ways to customize the look and feel of Windows OS and install Rain Meter is one of them.

Rain Meter is a custom application that runs various themes over your desktop to display a custom widget. This widget shows multiple important information, like CPU usage and memory. Each theme has some of its unique working features like taking notes or image slideshow etc.

Hence, if you are looking for the best Rain Meter themes, we have selected the best 30 Rain Meter themes for you. We have also given a step by step guide on how to install these best Rain Meter themes to make everything easy for you. So let us begin.

How to install Best Rain Meter Themes.

So, here is a step to step detailed guide which you could follow on how to install the best Rain Meter themes on windows. So follow the steps below.

Method 1. For .rmskin Format Skins.

The .rmskin format is straightforward to install the skin. Just double-click the file, and it will install automatically. You do not have to worry about any file locations, and settings as the skins of this format come with a configured installer. Hence, these are very easy to install.

Method 2. For .zip Format Skins

Some Rain Meter skins come in zip format. These skins need to be installed using a special way that we are going to tell you. To install these skins, you need WinRar or any other zip extracting software. Using this software, you need to extract the theme zip file in the Rainmeter Skins folder. The path for the folder is given here :


Best Rain Meter themes.

Given below are the best Rain Meter themes that you can use to customize your Windows desktop.

1. Electric Space.

electric space theme

2. Windows 2019.

windows 2019

3. Battlefield 3.

battlefield 3 rainmeter skin

4. End Of The World.

end of the world

5. Obsidian.


6. Mass Effect Skin.

mass effect rain meter skin

7. Darkness Falls.

darkness falls

8. Facebook 2.1.1.

facebook for rainmeter

9. Pog Pack.

pog pack

10. Adian Bolon Aero.

adian bolon

11. My Rainmeter Desktop.

my rain meter desktop

12. Galaxy Suite Rainmeter.

galaxy suit rain meter

13. Space.

space rain meter theme

14. Switchin. 


15. Eker- Lina Rainmeter The SKIN.

eker lina rain meter skin

16. Pileus Suite.

pileus theme rain meter

17. Taboo – Vision Rainmeter skin.

taboo vision rainmeter skin

18. Horde.

horde for rain meter skin

19. Encoded v1.2.3.

encoded skin rain meter

20. MoonGlow.

moon glow for rain meter

21. Before Dawn RM Bar.

before dawn theme

22. Razor.

razor skin for rain meter

23. ABP 1.2.

abp theme rain meter

24. Black Parade 7.

black parade

25. Orange Glow.

orange glow rain meter theme

26. Morph.

morph theme

27. New Rainmeter Desktop.

new rain meter desktop

28. TECH-A.

tech a theme

29. Black-Apps.

black apps rain meter skin

30. Desktop.

rain meter desktop pheonix

Hence these are the best Rain Meter themes available.

In conclusion, these are the best Rain Meter Themes available for Windows desktop. We hope that using the above guide and best Rain Meter themes above; you get the desktop setup you desire. For any queries as well as suggestions, feel free to comment below.