Phonty: New Technology For Tracking Mobile Phones

phonty review mobile tracking app

No doubts that it is much easier to live in the world with so many technologies and tools. We can order goods and services, make utility payments and communicate without leaving our homes. However, such conveniences may cause lots of stress, as the number of cyber crimes is growing significantly.

We all value privacy and confidentiality that is why it is important to manage the situation, having access to other devices at home or office. Let us take a closer look at the usage of various tracking tools for those, who manage offices and have a big number of employees, each of which can be a potential threat to the well being of the company.

Why Do You Prefer Tracking Mobile Phones?

Tracking mobile phones of the employees can be a great way of preventing possible leakage of information, like sending it to competitors or revealing data on the market.

You can also use such instruments to make sure that each and every member of the team is doing what he should do, without distracting on the things, which are not related to work. With the help of mobile tracking tools, you will be able to protect your company, increase its efficiency and deal only with reliable workers.

phonty features

Geo-location Tracking

It is not surprising that most of the employees try to use working time for personal matters, so they often lie about their location. They say they are late because of illness or traffic jams, while they may still be at home, not rushing to the office.

With the help of a tracking app, you will be able to see where your employee is situated at this exact moment! Our phone tracker app has a modern equipment and software, which allows to collect data from GPS and WiFi signals nearby. You will no longer have to think of where your workers are and will increase the team’s productivity without any efforts.

Call Recording

Most of the companies have rules about restricting personal calls during working hours. However, most of employees neglect such rules and make calls during an important meeting or while having a conference. With a call recording option, you will obtain information on the data, time and cell phone number, as well as the conversation itself.

You will be able to record calls, both incoming and outgoing to make sure that everyone is busy with their direct responsibilities. Such tools are also a great way to make sure that your employees are faithful to your company and don’t reveal important information to someone else.

SMS & MMS Tracking

Unfortunately, trolling or using inappropriate information is quite a common thing for offices. Employees share such data to make fun of others, including managers and bosses, sending text messages or MMS with key words or slang.

To prevent such inappropriate behavior, you can use SMS and MMS tracking, which allows you to collect data on the whole dialogue, as well as the time and date it was sent. You will be able to prevent trolling, bullying and mocking and create an atmosphere of trust and friendship among all members of the team. Your employees will concentrate on their direct responsibilities and will manage their time effectively.

Facebook & Whatsapp Tracking

Confidential information or any types of inappropriate images or dialogues can be transferred not only by using SMS or MMS services. Such details may also be reveals by using popular social platforms, like Facebook and Whatsapp.

Many employees send important files and papers through conversations on their social accounts, which can become a real disaster for a whole company. With the help of our app, you will get access to all of such dialogues and will prevent leakage of information. No one will be able to harm your company or other employees. Just log in to any device from your PC or laptop and get access to other accounts by making a few clicks.

Final Verdict

Every day we have to deal with huge amounts of information, most of which is confidential and should be protected. Unfortunately, we can’t trust each and every member of our team, so we need to make sure we control the data transfer inside the office.

By using tracking software you will be able to prevent leakage of important information and bullying among employees without risking anything.