MyUkMailBox Review: Affordable UK Mail forwarding service

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In this internet era, everything is going online, so does the shopping. There are billions of people out there who shop online. If you are living in UK, and want to buy something even if it is not available in UK and you don’t have UK address, then here we have something amazing for you. There is a service named MyUKMailbox which delivers the products to respective countries without having UK address. You can use MyUKMailbox to ship your products when you want and how you want.

If you are looking for a safe, reliable and affordable UK mail forwarding service, then you won’t find something better than MyUKMailbox. It really doesn’t matter where you live, MyUKMailbox will deliver the mail to your address, once they have got it. Here in this post we are going to tell you about MyUKMailbox, its services along with rates.

How MyUKMailbox Works?

Before getting started with MyUKMailbox, you will need to sign up on its website to get your own Sheffield street address where you can send your packages and they will be further processed and delivered to your actual location. MyUKMailbox will forward them to you anywhere in the world. If you want to know more about it’s working process and how packages will be delivered to your home, then check out below image.

Services and Pricings

MyUKMailbox is not just a mail forwarding company, but it offers a large number of services with various solutions for every type of customer. Below we have discussed about it’s services with pricing.Do note that the UK address you get from MyUKMailbox is not a PO Box type where your shipments are only allowed through Royal mail, but instead you get a UK Mailing Address which is used to deliver your physical products to anywhere in the world, including Royal Mail.MyUkMailbox Pricing

  • Parcel Forwarding – It’s also a very well known UK parcel forwarding company which is being used by millions to ship their products. They understands B2C concept, hence they work on it more effectively by delivering parcels quickly and safely. Its parcel forwarding service is available to people from all over the world, and they claims that they have a customer in every continent of the world (except Antarctica).
  • Your Own UK Address – When you sign up with, you get your own personal UK mailing address where you can send your shipments. Later on, they will be transferred to your actual residential address with no extra cost.
  • Photo Service – This is unique but definitely a good service to be offered. When your mail arrive at your UK address, MyUKMailbox team analyses it for safety and uploads photo of it in your user account. Their photos are of high resolution and you will be able to view them in full size as well as thumbnails right from your user area and through a link which they will send you by Email when a package arrives for you. You can also request additional photos of the contents of your packages.
  • Import – Along with mail forwarding, also have import service. Which means if you want to get something outside from UK, then also you can use MyUKMailbox. You can deliver that product to your UK address, and then it will be transferred to your at your original location.
  • Online Mailbox Management and Address Book – MyUKMailbox also offers a virtual mailbox to their users, where you will be able to manage all of your mail. When item arrives at your UK location, then you will be able to get information about it from your Mailbox Management tab. Information like dimensions, weight and a high resolution photograph of your item will be uploaded to your Mailbox Management tab. Along with Online Mailbox Management, you can also have your own Address Book on Using this feature, you can send your UK shopping to friends and family as gifts and take advantage of MyUKMailbox. To enjoy Address Book feature you will need to register as premium member.
  • Free Storage – If you are a free member, then you will get a free storage period of 14 days, but if you are a premium member of MyUKMailbox, then you will get storage period of 45 days.
  • Insurance – If you want to your products to be secured more, then you can buy their Insurance service which insures against loss or damage (only for Standard & Premium Members).
  • Tracking – Most of the parcels sent from MyUKMailbox are sent using DHL couriers and they provide you the tracking number and you can track your parcel in every step possible.

Final Words

MyUKMailbox is definitely a great service to be used. There are so many people out there who wants to buy something from the internet, but can’t as they are not in the delivering area of that website. In such cases you are free to use MyUKMailbox services to get a product delivered it to your home right from UK, without having a UK address.

If you have used MyUKMailbox before, or currently using it, then do let us know about your views on it via comments below.