How To Make Money From Google Adsense ?

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Google Adsense is an online advertising network of Google Inc. Google Adsense is one of the largest online publisher network from where webmaster earn money. Making Money online is now became popular in these days just because it looks like easy to site just in the front of PC and start earning. But in actual, its not so easy. Google Adsense is a biggest method by which millions of web pages are monetizing. But the main question is why Google is providing us an opportunity for earning money. Don’t worry i will reveal everything about adsense steps by steps. Google have two major services for advertising, First one is Adwords where Advertiser promote their products and second one is Adsense through which advertisers products get promoted. So to understand working of Advertiser and Publisher in best way i suggest you to read about How Advertiser and Publisher Relationship works ?. Google adsense is program by which ads are served on publisher sites and then publisher earn from it.

What is Google Adsense ? How it Works ?

Google Adsense is online Advertising program which is used from Website monetizing. We can use Google Adsense on Website, blogs, forums, mobile, YouTube, search engines and more. Google Adsense is CPC based publisher network. Now the question is what is CPC ?. It stands for Cost per Click but for more information about CPC i recommend you to read What is Cost Per Click Program ? Google Adsense offer earning based on per click that means when someone click on the ad place on web page then you will get earn. Google CPC rates are quite high and vary from Site to Site and Location to Location. I have experience CPC upto $20 and even $0.01 for some regions. But overall performance is best as compare to other publisher networks . That’s why all big corporate blog also use Adsense for earning.
Now the question comes out why Google gives us Money for all this ? And  Why Google start this program ?. Hmm for every newbies this question make arise even in my mind also when i start my blogging carrier but i struggle a lot find our best guide about Adsense. But i don’t want my readers to struggle in the same way.
Google is top most web based company in the world. Google products include search engines, gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Maps, Drives, Picasa and Many more are used world wide. So that’s why all other brands, companies want to promote themselves on Google through ads. So Google start new program named as Google Adwords. But due to huge volume of Advertisers it becomes difficult for Google to serve all ads within their products according to Advertisers need. Just take an example when we search on Google, Just below a search engines Google show ads. Typically 2, 3 ads result can be shown which are paying higher CPC but what about 4th and other advertiser who are paying lesser for that particular keyword. In that conditions it become difficult for Google to serve all ads in there products. So they find out another way which is known as Google Adsense, In which Google gives approval to some quality websites, blogs which matches according to their policies. In that way Advertiser products start getting traffic from quality and similar websites. In short Google Adsense is working like 3rd party between Advertiser and Publisher. Google serves ads from Adwords and many other advertising partner networks through Google Adsense Publisher program. That means any webmaster can be part of this program for free.

How To Earn Money From Adsense ?

After understand about adsense and learning the process about its working. I know you may got exited want to know, from where to start. Google Adsense is currently working in five different ways which are named as

  1. Adsense For Content (Website, Blogs)
  2. Adsense For Search (C.S.E)
  3. Adsense For Videos (YouTube)
  4. Adsense For Mobile (Android Apps)
  5. Adsense For Games
The above given are the four different methods by which you can earn from adsense. You can use Adsense on your website, blog, forum or any other web page which matches adsense policies. In Adsense for search from you can use adsense between custom search engines.  Adsense for YouTube to earn from YouTube videos and Adsense For Mobile to place ads in android mobile apps. So you can apply for any of the product for approval.

How To Apply For Adsense and is it Free ?

Yes Google adsense is totally free program. You just have to follow some program guidelines for getting approval.
  • To Apply for Google Adsense visit
  • Add your YouTube channel or website URL for which you want to apply.
  • Then fill out your accurate personal details and submit your application.
  • Within a day you will get confirmation email from adsense about your status.
For Bloggers Users
  • Just go to Earning tab in your Blogger dashboard and Sign up directly with adsense.


Is it Really Easy To Get Adsense Approval ?

If you are newbie who is learning about adsense then you may get exited and thinking that its really easily to start earning. Sorry nothing going to be happen guys. Getting Google Adsense is not an easy task but even not a difficult so if know how to get approval. Adsense gives approval for any website in two steps. In first review they check out overall performance. If you pass out first approval then you have to place adsense ad unit into your site and wait for website approval which will be reviewed by team manually. So it not easy to get approval in first attempt.
Google Adsense Program having some Program policies. If your Website or Blog comply with their policies then only you will get approval otherwise your application got rejected. To check out policies visit Google Adsense Program Policies.
For More details about Adsense How it works with Blogger Must check out Official Adsense Video it may help you to understand a lot about Adsense.


I hope all the facts and doubt should be clear now about Google Adsense. In case your application get disapproved don’t feel disappointed and never loss hopes. Just check out email and try resolve issue with site and then reapply it confidently and i hope you will definitely get approval.
Any questions in your mind or any query related to topic please it in comments. I really appreciate.