Liquid VPN Review: Fast, Secure, and Anonymous VPN Service Provider

In today’s world, maintaining your online privacy becomes one of the topmost concerns of people around the globe. From cyber hackers and online tracers, one can never be sure about one’s private content leaking out to unwanted places. People are receiving social media threats and what not so it turns out to be very daunting for some individuals in matters related to privacy of their online property. In such a scenario, wouldn’t it be a blessing to have something that can easily let you browse through the internet and still keep your privacy intact?
LiquidVPN is the latest and super-secure VPN network that lets you easily get through any website of the world without revealing your identity. Now you don’t have to worry about exposing your personal online property or any other information out in the open.

Liquid VPN Review

Some unique features of Liquid VPN –

1. Tunnel topologies

Unlike other VPN providers, Liquid VPN utilizes 3 open VPN tunnel topologies that can be utilized as per your need. For Open VPN connections, this level of technology works best and they can easily manage to select the option that fits their application.

2. Liquid VPNClient

For anyone familiar with the concept of VPN, this is super simple to operate. The software is easy to understand and you can choose from SSTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP as per your needs. It also comes with a Liquid Lock system if you’re using the software from desktops.

3. Zero Log DNS

With the help of the DNS services, your feedback and queries can be sent to 3rd party DNS services that makes it open to manipulation with its own encrypted zero logging SMART DNS service. For Liquid VPN users, the censorship issues won’t be a problem and the content will be able to bypass restrictions as well.

4. VPN performance

For all users, Liquid VPN gives high performance. For clients with high bandwidth, the greatest amount of encryption and speed will be provided. Regularly, old hardware is phased out to improve performance ensuring that you will be able to interact with the best quality VPN services that you have experienced.

5. Customer support

Liquid VPN’s customer care facility is available 24x7x365. You can also contact via email or even phone call in case of any emergency regarding the usage. The tech assistants will get back to you and guide you through any and all glitches.

6. Shared IP VPN Topology

In other VPN protection, users are protected from malicious activities on the internet by a simple single IP address protect system, but using Liquid VPN, you will realize that it utilizes shared IP VPN Topology with the help of an advanced NAT firewall.
The features of Liquid VPN are simple to understand and quite awesome to navigate through. The high performance indicates the best level of operation for all users whether you’re on a laptop or desktop and definitely a hassle free navigation no matter what. If you’re still worried about making a choice, here are some key benefits of using Liquid VPN –

features of Liquid VPN

Key benefits of using Liquid VPN –

1. Protecting your privacy becomes easy

Liquid VPN provides many IP addresses so it is very easy to hide your real identity while browsing through the internet. It allows you complete online privacy without having to go through any trouble.

2. Fast connections

You can easily access any amount of content from anywhere on the internet at insanely fast speeds. Liquid VPN provides a globally secured connection for every website located on the internet and that too, super fast.

3. Best VPN for Torrent downloads

Let’s face it, mainly all online users wish to hide their IP addresses while downloading torrent files on their computers. Liquid VPN allows streaming and downloading of files without any buffering and all that while maintaining your anonymity over the internet.

4. Supports all operating systems

– You will find that Liquid VPN easily supports all operating systems (Mac or Windows) and functions equally efficient on all of them.

Liquid VPN pricingThere all, with the help of Liquid VPN, unrestricted internet can be only one click away. If you’re still not sure yet, try out the Liquid VPN SideKick package and see for yourself. With this plan you will have an opportunity to claim money back till 7 days. Isn’t interesting? You will definitely not be disappointed and once you have seen the results yourself, you can upgrade your plans.

So what are you waiting for? Try out Liquid VPN and enjoy the best online privacy 🙂