Top 10 Best Linux Desktop Environments – 2020

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Today, the software has become the most significant part of any modern gadget. Users only want hardware that supports the latest software updates and is compatible with the latest software features.

Due to this reason, most users love to tweak software along with upgrades in hardware. The best example here is the desktop machine.

Software tweaking can be done on laptops, as well. The most flexible, feature-packed desktop OS is Linux.

It is entirely open-source and offers customisation like no other OS. The best way to customise Linux is by installing the best desktop environment.

A desktop environment consists of the elements of GUI, as well as the graphical behaviour of the interface.

While Windows and MAC OS come with a permanent desktop environment, Linux allows installation and usage of 3rd party desktop environments. It means you can make your desktop customised to a deeper level.

Hence, in this article, we are going to list and review the best Linux desktop environments. You can choose any of these and install on Linux to increase the user productivity and personalisation of your Desktop setup.

Best Linux Desktop Environments.

Given below are the best Linux desktop environments for you to choose from. We have also given a brief review to help you choose better.

1. GNOME 3 Desktop.

Gnome linux desktop environment

GNOME is an open-source, free desktop environment for Linux. The most useful feature this environment offers is a powerful offline and online search.

Other essential features of this environment include the Metacity Window manager, Nautilus file manager, desktop notifications, and many more. This environment guarantees a stable and intuitive computing experience.

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2. Cinnamon Desktop.

cinnamon linux desktop environment

Cinnamon Desktop is a Linux desktop environment that brings the best of everything together into one single environment. It uses minor projects from various distributions and plans to make a complete desktop environment package.

It is the default environment for the very famous Linux Mint distro. Its other features include MDM display manager, Nemo File manager, Muffin Window manager, Cinnamon tweaks, and more.

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3. Unity Desktop.

unity linux desktop environment

Unity Desktop is a robust graphical shell that works on top of the GNOME environment. As it was started by the creates of Ubuntu, the most desktop-friendly Linux distro, it comes pre-installed with Ubuntu.

Hence, most users are familiar with it. The best thing about the unity desktop environment is its stability and user-friendly interface.

It includes the Compiz window manager, Nautilus file manager, lens search, application indicator, sleek notifications, and much more.

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4. LXQt Desktop.

lxqt linux desktop environment

On the list of best Linux desktop environments, the following situation is LXQt. It is also an open-source environment.

This desktop environment is highly recommended for cloud servers and systems with a low configuration. The reason behind it is that the LXQt climate is very lightweight.

Thus, it consumes very less RAM and CPU power. It includes features like pcmanfn-qt file manager, lxsession manager, quick launcher, keyboard shortcuts, and much more.

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5. KDE Plasma.

kde plasma linux desktop environment

KDE Plasma is yet another familiar desktop environment for Linux. It is a highly customisable and compelling desktop environment.

KDE Plasma offers a clean and polished user interface on top of your Linux setup. It includes features like Dolphin File manager, Kwin window manager, smooth graphics, and support for high-resolution displays.

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6. MATE Desktop.

mate linux desktop environment

The next Linux desktop environment on our list of the best ones is the MATE desktop. MATE is a clean and intuitive desktop environment designed as an extension of GNOME 2.

It includes features like Pluma text editor, MATE terminal, Caja file manager, and many more.

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7. Xfce Desktop.

xfce linux desktop environment

Xfce Desktop is a feature-packed yet very lightweight and easy to use desktop environment for Linux. It’s low system requirements, yet fluid performance makes it an excellent choice for your Linux setup.

It also includes features like Xfwm windows manager, Thunar File manager, power management capabilities, desktop customisation tweaks, application manager, and plug-in support.

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8. Pantheon Desktop.

pantheon linux desktop environment

Pantheon Desktop environment for Linux is a great way to make your Linux setup compete for head to head with Mac OS in terms of graphics and appearance.

This desktop environment offers a very clean and organised desktop fluidity while using the machine.

It is a must-try. If you are looking for something sophisticated out of the box and is ready to flaunt on its own.

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9. Enlightenment Desktop.

enlightenment linux desktop environment

Enlightenment Desktop wasn’t initially meant to be a desktop environment. It began as just a windows manager, but then it developed into a complete desktop environment for Linux.

Hence it deserves a place on this list. It has been used on various devices such as mobiles, wearables, TV UI, etc.

Various libraries included supporting inbuilt applications such as video player, image viewer, etc.

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10. Deepin Desktop Environment.

deepin linux desktop environment

Last but not least, we have a Deepin Desktop environment for Linux on this list. If you are looking for a sleek interface yet high productivity, this desktop environment is for you.

The developers create it behind Deepin OS, which is a viral Linux distribution. It works with all the best Linux distribution and offers a great deal of customisation and user-friendly interface settings.

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Hence, these are the best Linux desktop environments.

We hope this list of best Linux desktop environments helps you choose the best desktop environment for your desktop setup. Share with us your favourite Linux desktop environment in the comments below. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this article, feel free to contact us.