KeepVid Pro Review: Ultimate Video Downloading Tool

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KeepVid Pro is an awesome app for PC capable of downloading videos from the web. This tool allows users to grab videos from popular video hosting sites like Vevo,, youtube and much more without making many efforts. It is a complete suite with tons of handy features that will assist you in getting the job done. It has a pretty decent interface which makes it easy to navigate within the dashboard. The software certainly has a lot offer, so let’s take a closer look, shall we ?

To get started with the process of download videos from different websites and platforms, you first need to install this app on your PC. KeepVid Pro is available free of cost on their official website. Apart from the free version, they also provide a pro version which has a few more features that lead to a more awesome experience. I got to use the pro version, so I’ll be writing about that one.

Keepvid Pro Review

Usually, when we hear the word video downloaders, the first thing that comes to our mind is Youtube. It is because the majority of the downloaders are built for youtube. This software stuck and support download via some selected websites only. But Keepvid is quite bigger than all of these software combined !

Keepvid supports downloading from 10k websites

Just imagine the fact that KeepVid Pro is capable of quickly downloading videos from more than 10k websites. You can download videos not only from youtube but also from websites such as Dailymotion, Hulu, Metacafe, Break, BlipTv, Vimeo, Nico, FunnyorDie,, Veevr, Mega video and much more.

Keepvid Pro Review

Special feature for Youtube lovers

If you love youtube, there is a feature in Keepvid that you’ll love. The tool lets you download an entire channel or playlist at one ! This feature is huge and is worth trying once ( only if you have a powerful internet connection ).

All you need to do is to copy the URL of the playlist in its paste URL section. Upon doing this, the software would ask you whether you want to download the whole playlist or the clip alone. From there, you have to select the Download playlist options. You can also configure the required quality like 360p – 1080 p.

Salient features of KeepVid Pro

  • Download Subtitles as well
  • Merge the Video Files and Audio automatically
  • Recording streams or online videos
  • Convert your videos to popular file formats such as Mp4 ( videos ) and Mp3 ( audio )
  • Batch download of Channel or playlists
  • Downloading from 10k websites.

With this software, you can also download videos directly from Youtube into mp3 format. This includes downloading not only from youtube and Vimeo but also from 10k websites without having the need to download the whole video file.

This software also provides options for download video, in a separate tab. And there is a separate tab for watching online videos as well. If you are confused in deciding where to watch the video, just click on online tab and tons of websites would be listed there. The website is opened in the app itself so you don’t have to exit and open. This makes things a little bit easier and quicker.

Keepvid Pro Review

Pros of KeepVid Pro

  • Turbo mode for boosting download speeds
  • Configuring the download quality options
  • Once the download is finished, there is an auto conversion option. There is an option for manual conversion as well.
  • You can watch videos online as well.
  • Dedicated sections for finished videos, downloading videos and also for converting videos.

Cons of KeepVid Pro

  • A lot of users might miss the fact that you can actually download multiple videos simultaneously by hitting paste button multiple times. It would be a great help if this software told about this.

Final Verdict

KeepVid Pro software is overall a good package, simple and free to use. Comes with a fast application to download videos from the internet. The inbuilt browser has the nice touch and optimized for watching videos online without leaving this app. Also, users can download mp3 without any problem as well. You can also download in 4k, but it isn’t essential that your computer will support it. Also, if you just want to download only video or only music, this app would take care of that as well.