iTunes Alternatives : Similar Software – 2021

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Apple is the biggest gadget manufacturer in the world. It is the only company that designs as well as manufactures its hardware and software. Due to this, Apple can produce devices that are fully optimised and have a high performance.

As Apple makes its software, there are a lot of limitations to the user experience. The most peculiar of which is iTunes. It is Apple’s gateway to music and media content.¬† iOS has no way of transferring files between your device and your PC, which is considerable trouble.

Hence, most apple users look for iTunes Alternatives to replace the limiting iTunes system with a better user-friendly application. Therefore, if you own an Apple device and are tired of the limitations you face due to iTunes, we have the perfect solution for you.

Here, in this article, we have the best iTunes alternatives for you. These iTunes alternatives can be used for both syncing your content to your iDevice as well as managing your local content. This list is created carefully by keeping into consideration things like features, functions, etc.

  1. CopyTrans.
  2. Wondershare TunesGo.
  3. MediaMonkey.
  4. SynciOS.
  5. Double Twist.
  6. MusicBee.
  7. Vox Player for Mac.
  8. Amarok.
  9. iMusic.

Best iTunes Alternatives.

Given below are the best iTunes alternatives that you can use to both syncs your content to an Apple device as well as to manage your local media library. You can use any of the iTunes alternatives to free yourself from limitations by the Apple ecosystem.

1. CopyTrans.

copytrans manager for ios

CopyTrans is the most straightforward iTunes alternative if you are looking for easy syncing your media to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

It lets you transfer all your music and media without facing the complications and limitations of iTunes. The copy process is reasonably straightforward, and you do not need iTunes for it.

The only downside to this tool is that you can not copy .wma files using CopyTrans. Also, it supports all versions of Windows. So, download it from the below link.

CopyTrans: Download.

2. WonderShare TunesGo.

wondershare tunesgo

WonderShare TunesGo is another excellent alternative to iTunes. It has so many features to manage your media on an iDevice that you will feel your management is on steroids.

Along with the basic features such as media sync, there are some advanced features you will never find in iTunes.

With TunesGo, you can use the One-Click backup to save all your files, backup and restore your iTunes library, delete duplicate contacts, select and transfer data, select and manage images and much more.

WonderShare TunesGo: Download.

3. MediaMonkey.

media monkey

The next iTunes alternative on this list is for the pro users as it has so many functions, an average user may find it overwhelming. But the features are just amazing, and we highly recommend using MediaMonkey.

The most important highlight of this iTunes alternative tool is that it automatically completes all the missing track information and tags.

It consolidates all the media files in a single hub and builds automatic playlists by learning through your listening habits. The only downside for some people is a little complicated interface.

MediaMonkey: Download.

4. SynciOS.

syncios alternative itunes

SynciOS is a very friendly user iTunes alternative. It allows all the management functions like syncing media to your iDevice.

SynciOS automatically converts all unsupported formats into supported formats before transferring. It has high transfer speeds and also supports full library backup options.

Another highlight of this tool is that it displays a lot of information about the connected device so you can know the current status of files, memory, and the physical state of the invention.

The only drawback is that it needs iTunes installed on your system as well.

SynciOS: Download.

5. Double Twist.

double twist music

Double Twist is an excellent alternative to iTunes. If you are not an Apple fanboy and own multiple gadgets that run different OS such as iOS, Android, or Windows, you will love using Double Twist.

The tool is available for Windows, Mac as well as Android and iOS. The best part of this tool is that it keeps your library synced over WiFi. Owning a MacBook and Android phone was never as simple as it has become with Double Twist.

Double Twist: Download.

6. MusicBee.

musicbee itunes alternative

iTunes consumes a lot of system resources just for doing a straightforward task, and that is playing music. If you are searching for an iTunes Alternative, then to play music, this software is for you. Music bee is a very light yet highly functional music player.

It is updated frequently and offers excellent support. You can even install Winnap plugins and add new features. MusicBee supports conversion and synchronisation with Android phones.

It can play high-quality music files and can be easily customised by downloading skins, which look very elegant. The interface is pretty customisable, as well.

MusicBee: Download.

7. Vox player for Mac.

vox for mac

If you are a Mac user and also, looking for a minimalist music player as an alternative to iTunes, Vox should be the ultimate choice for you according to our recommendation.

It has a straightforward yet elegant looking user interface and comes with all the features you would expect from a music player.

Vox also supports very high-resolution music files and can connect to SoundCloud and Last.FM. It also offers a 14 day trial to its cloud sync service for gadgets, which can be purchased for use later.

Vox: Download.

8. Amarok.

amarok music

The next iTunes Alternative on our list is Amarok. Amarok is capable of running on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, as well as Mac OS. With Amarok, you can seamlessly sync your music library with your Apple devices.

Along with the above, you can explore new music using the online integration of web services such as Last.FM and Magnatune. Amarok, according to us, is a great iTunes alternative, and we recommend using it.

Amarok: Download.

9. iMusic.

imusic itunes alternative

Next, we have iMusic on the list of best iTunes alternatives. iMusic is a great tool that holds the ability to sync your music library to iOS and Android devices.

Along with all the necessary features, you can also download free music from more than 300 music websites, but we do not know if that is legal. Nevertheless, you can still use it for all your media playback and device syncing features.

iMusic: Download.

Hence these are the best iTunes alternatives.

In conclusion, we hope the above list of best iTunes alternatives helps you choose the right tool for your requirements. If you feel we missed your favourite iTunes alternatives, let us know in the comments below. Also, feel free to share your views and suggestions.