IOTransfer – Best Data Manager Tool For iPhone, iPad & iOS Devices.

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If you use an iPhone or iPad then you must have known about its great features. Apple has been upgraded their devices with new features in a timely manner. But you know that every device has its advantages as well as disadvantages. It’s a big headache to manage and transfer files on an iPhone/iPad. This headache increases if you have a Windows PC. But we don’t want you to go through this headache. So, we have come today with a very awesome iPhone Manager which is IOTransfer.

If you are looking for software to manage & transfer files using your Windows PC then this tool is best suited for you. IOTransfer is mainly used to transfer and manage files from your iPhone/iPad devices with great other features too. We will read more about it. So, let’s start.

IOTransfer for iPhone/iPad Device.

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As we said before, IOTransfer is a tool which is used to export files like photos, videos, music, and more within iPhone, iPad & Windows PC. It also helps in managing all the files of your devices under one tool. This tool is now compatible with iOS 12 which is the latest version of the operating system of an Apple device. It is a very simple & easy tool to transfer and manage files. It also comes up with a pretty cool user interface and you won’t get bored while using it.

IOTransfer allows you to transfer files wirelessly between your iOS devices and Windows PC. You can perform this task anytime you want to and anywhere you want to. This can also be done by using a USB cable. In this way, the process of transferring and managing files has been simplified with this tool. So if you want to delete, edit or categorized tons of files from your device then you can do it smoothly using this tool. It has other features of like iCloud photo manager, video downloader/converter and cleaning files, etc. With these, it also allows to backup files and contacts to protect you from any type of data loss.

Connect Device in IOTransfer

Features Of IOTransfer.

IOTransfer comes with a lot of features which makes it a handy tool. It will help you in many of your situations. The list of features of IOTransfer are given below:

1. iPhone/iPad Manager.

Manage Music IOTransfer

This tool helps you in managing all your contents of your iOS devices in one tool. iTunes can do this work too but it’s more complex and doesn’t have many features. You can manage all your files like photos, music, videos and much more in it. Suppose if you want to categorize your data into folders then you can perform that task with this. A lot of people want to use Apple devices but they hesitate because it is hard manager files in it. So, you don’t have to hesitate further about it. Because you can this tool to do so.

2. Transfer Files Wirelessly with One-Click.

Air Transfer of IOS Device

If this tool allows you to manage files then it also allows you to transfer files across your iPhone/iPad and PC. You can transfer files like photo, video, audio and much more. More than that, you can do it wirelessly and one-click. Isn’t that awesome? Yeah, it is. It also provides you to transfer using a USB cable. Now, you don’t need to have a headache while transferring files.

3. Video Downloader and Converter.

Video Downloader In IOTransfer

Other than the above features, it provides you a feature to download videos and convert videos. This feature allows you to download video from various websites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. You just need to enter URL of the video in it and click on download. The download will then start. In this way, you can download any video from more than 100 websites.

Video Converter in IOTransfer Tool

You can not only download videos but you can also convert any video into other formats. It gives you a feature to convert video into other video formats or any audio format. You can convert mp4 videos into MKV, HEVC, FLV, MPG, etc video formats and also to MP3, FLAC & WAV audio formats.

4. Safe Cleaner in iPhone/iPad.

Cleaner Of IOTransfer Tool

IOTransfer tool also provides a feature of cleaner which allows you to clean the unnecessary files from your iOS device. It has a deep and safe cleaner. You just have to scan your device for any temporary and unnecessary files. This tool provides you a smart clean-up which will ensure that your important files are safe and secure. It will also allow you to speed up your device.

5. iCloud Photo Manager.

iCloud Photo Manager

iCloud Photo Manager is a feature which comes with IOTransfer tool. Thes feature allows you to log in to your iCloud account. Then, you can manage all your photos. You can also upload photos from your PC to the iCloud through this tool. In this way, your photos will be safe and secure.

This was the list of features of IOTransfer tool. I personally don’t think that we will find these numbers of features under one roof anywhere other. It will not only allow you to manage and transfer files but also it comes with other features. You can download directly IOTransfer tool from the below link:


This was our review about IOTransfer tool which provides services like iPhone manage and transfer files from your iOS device to your PC. Now, you don’t need to worry about managing and transferring of files. Because IOTransfer will do it for. As you read there are also other features of this tool. This is like an all-in-one-pack. All the features work fastly and accurately. So, you should definitely go for this and download it. It won’t disappoint you at any stage. Surely let us know your experience about it. We hope you have liked it and will share with your friends too. We will back again. Until then, its Goodbye from our side. Hope you enjoy!