How To Install All Kali Linux Tools On Ubuntu

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If you are a regular reader of SafeTricks, you must have heard about Linux.

Linux is an open-source, free operating system for computers and is mainly used by developers and webmasters for coding, development, and testing of various kinds of software technology.

It is also used for hacking purposes. There are several distributions of Linux with various desktop environments and installed features.

Every user who wants to start working in Linux advice is to start with Ubuntu. It is the most desktop friendly and basic version of Linux and is relatively easy to use and understand.

On the other hand, Kali Linux is one of the best distributions for advanced hacking and development.

It comes fully loaded with a lot of professional tools and programs that take your development and coding game to another level.

Hence, If you have had your time with Ubuntu, and are looking for something a little advanced, this article is for you.

We will show you, in this article, a straightforward tutorial with the help of which you can install Kali Linux on your Ubuntu set up quickly.

It will enable you to used advanced tools without leaving the comfort of your essential desktop experience of Ubuntu.

How to Instal Kali Linux tools on Ubuntu.

Given below is a step by step and easy to follow guide on how to install all Kali Linux tools on Ubuntu.

So, we are going to use a straightforward script known as Katoolin, with which we will install all the Kali Linux tools. So, let us begin.

Step 1. Install “get” using the following command:

apt-get install git

install git for katoolin

Step 2. Now use the command given below to download Katoolin:

git clone && cp katoolin/ /usr/bin/katoolin

Step 3. Make the Katoolin script executable by:

chmod +x /usr/bin/katoolin

Step 4. Now that Katoolin has been downloaded, it can run by entering the following command.


Step 5. Now that you have Katoolin running, you will see various options to install and update repositories and more as follows:

install and update kali linux repositories

  1. Add Kali Linux repositories.
  2. Update.
  3. Remove all Kali repositories.
  4. View the contents of sources.

Here you need first to add the repositories and then update them.

Step 6. Once you have the repositories installed and updated, go back by typing “back,” and then you will see a different menu, as shown in the image below. Press 2. to view the categories.

install kali linux tools categories

Step 7. After choosing any category, it will take you to all the tools available in that particular category, and you can install any of them. You can select the ones that you want to install by entering their corresponding numbers.

install kali linux tools on ubuntu

Hence, This is how you can install all Kali Linux tools on Ubuntu.

In Conclusion, we hope that you find this handy yet straightforward guide on how to install all Kali Linux tools on Ubuntu helpful. If you need any assistance or answer to any of your queries, feel free to leave a comment below. Also, share with us your feedback about this article as we would love to hear from you all.