How To Make Money From iCubeswire (Affiliate Network)

How To Make Money From iCubesWire (Affiliate Network)

Affiliate marketing is the best and effective way to earn money online. There are thousands of online affiliate networks based on different criteria. Some of them are CPA, CPL, CPI, and many other promotional ways.

The only key to earn from affiliate marketing is relevant traffic which helps to get more conversion. Affiliate marketing is not so difficult but major difficultly we face while choosing the right network and the right product to promote.

So to understand affiliate marketing in the right way I recommend you to read about What is Affiliate Marketing and Some best Affiliate networks. Today here I am going to share one of the fastest-growing best affiliate networks based on CPA, CPI, and CPC.

The network is named as ‘iCubesWire‘ affiliate network. This network includes products according to different categories like Shopping, Travel,  Social services, Banking, and many more categories are available to include many famous platforms like Flipkart, Jabong, OLX, ICICI, SBI, and many others with different promotional ways. So here I am going to explain to you step by step about how to use this affiliate network.

How Earn Money From iCubesWire?

  • First of all, you need to join their Affiliate Publisher Program.
  • Just visit the above-given site and create a new account with accurate details.
  • Add your Name, Address, email, and many other details accurately.
  • In the place of Website option if you have any website or blog then provide it or otherwise just write in the box “I will Promote offers on Facebook” and also add page URL.
  • The minimum Payout is Rs 2500.
  • When you cross the minimum payment threshold simply visit and submit your payment method in Billing.

How To Choose the Best offer?

  • iCubeWire having various listed offers which you can choose according to different categories and account to their promoting type.
  • Just click on the offers and check out their details as their method for commission like CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI. CPA is for Cost per action, CPL for Cost per Lead, CPC for cost per click and CPI for Cost per install.
  • Suppose if you choose CPI offer then for every successful installation you will earn. In the similar way for Action or lead based if anyone buy product under your reference you will earn commission.
icubeswire offers

Important Tips While Searching Any Offer

  • Always checkout Payout option and observe how much cost or percentage it will pay for installation, sale or for other listed task.
  • Choose CPA products which have best Cookies duration time. That means if someone click through your link and within cookies time period if he buy any product you will earn commission.
  • If you are promoting product on Facebook then choose CPI offer it will perform well for you. Choose offer like Jabong, Paytm they are paying best CPI rates.


Don’t forget to register at this network. To register Visit here

I hope you like this network and it will help in earning a lot. If you have question regarding this and want any kind of help in the setup your new account. Just leave your comment i will response as soon as possible.