iCareFone Review: All In One iOS Tool To Fix Problem In iPhone, iPad & iPod

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It is an undeniable fact of today’s world that mobile phones have become a very crucial part of human way of living. Today, there exist two major contenders in smartphone market ie. Google and Apple. Most of the world considers iPhone to be the best smartphones in the world. As Apple makes the software as well as the hardware of the iPhone, it offers a very fluid and simple yet very optimised user experience which everyone enjoys. But then again, not everything is perfect. iOS is a closed source operating system and has its restrictions. An iPhone user has to rely on iTunes and the entire ecosystem of Apple products to manage their phones. This can be a very tedious process but we have a solution for you. Tenorshare has developed a great tool iCareFone to rescue all iPhone users. iCareFone is a PC tool that offers everything you need to manage your iPhone. It is a tuneup tool as well as manager that makes managing stuff on your iPhone a breeze. There are 6 different tools all clubbed into a single solutions for all your needs. Let’s give you a complete list of features and a review of each.

Best Features Of iCareFone (iPhone Care Pro)

Given below are the reviews of best features of iCareFone (iPhone Care Pro). These features are :

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1. Speed Up and clean your iPhone.

If your iPhone is running slow, or overheating, or maybe you need a little boost in performance, you need this tool. Because your iPhone may be loaded with useless cache files and junk residue from apps, you can use iCareFone to remove all junk, remove cache, cookies, temp files, logs, radio cache and much more to speed up. You can also see what is consuming your space and free some by batch deleting apps or compressing photos upto 70%.

2. Fix stuck iOS.

Another problem many iPhone users face is a stuck device. This mainly occurs during an iOS upgrade or restore. If you can’t boot your iPhone properly, you can fix it using iCareFone. It allows you to enter and exit DFU mode, fix bootloop, iTunes errors, screen unresponsiveness and much more.

fix stuck ios icarefone

3. Repair iOS system.

iCareFone is a tool that holds the capability of repairing iOS system. If you have somehow corrupted your firmware, this tool is your solution. You can use this tool in case if iOS can’t boot due to loss of system files, if you cannot receive upgrade, or if DFU mode can’t solve your issue.

repair ios icarefone

4. Block ads.

iCareFone offers a great adblock service for your iOS device. You can easily remove ad banners, pop ups etc from apps like pandora, YouTube and much more. It assures no damage to apps or leakage of any personal information.

icarefone ad remover

5. Complete backup and restore.

A huge problem for any iPhone user is when they see “iTunes can’t recognise your iPhone”. Well do not worry as you can still rely on iCareFone for all your backup and restore needs. It is fast and snappy. iCareFone¬†lists all your iTunes backup automatically. It also deletes unnecessary backup files to save space.

icarefone backup and restore

6. File Manager.

Take complete control of your iPhone storage. manage all the files and transfer images, audio, video and movies directly to your device without the hassle of syncing the entire library. Take control of everything.

icarefone ios file manager

Download iCareFone Now.

iCareFone is available for a free trial and you can get full version for only $39.95

Download buttonIn conclusion, iCareFone is a complete solution and must have tool for all iPhone users. Share your experiences with us in comments below. We’d love to hear from you.