Hexlock App Review: A Smart Locker for Your Android Device

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No one likes others to peep into our messages or some private stuff. So developers invented lockers to prevent the others to peep into it. As the technology grows faster the same locker procedures have been developed for Android OS and they are in the form of Locker Applications. I hope its an great idea to secure your photos, data or messages from others. Even some of the best app lockers let you protect other apps and for using it you need to enter the passcode to move ahead!

So all these things point to one thing, its about protecting your stuff! I hope many people tried to hide their secret conversation by using some app locker. So I was looking for the same, and while surfing the web I came across a great app locker – HexLock developed by Liquidium.

Hex locker is one the best apps of past year and millions of people using it to protect their data. I tried this app and I felt great about HexLock so I thought of making a share about it. So this post is about HexLock Review which will help you to try this app or not.

I’ve compared HexLock with other app lockers along with its features. Without anymore bluffing, let’s get started!

Hexlock User Interface:

Every app needs to have clean and attractive user interface which make the users feel good about it. And to be frank, HexLock UI is beautiful and more simpler to use it. With fancy look along with cool animated transitions, this app should be ranked top for its UI. The simplicity gave a good output for its users.

Hexlock App User Interface

Auto-Switching Profiles:

The Auto-Switching Lock Profile helps a lot for teenagers. Here they can add their own profiles which are suitable for their works such as school, work, home, parental, meeting and more. These profiles can be set up to automatically activated when connected to a selected WiFi network. Once we disconnect from the WiFi network the profile automatically deactivated. So this feature is really worth full of all parents to prevent their kids from making purchase of paid apps.


This is one the features of HexLock to be noted! Most of the App Lockers doesn’t provide such features to their users but HexLock app does. You can easily customize the background of lock screen with a photo or using solid colours.

Fingerprint Lock:

These days all mobile manufacturers are trying to enable fingerprint sensors on their mobiles. So if you worry about getting best finger print locking apps then HexLock will be the better for it! HexLock will support fingerprint features which let only the users to access the apps with his fingerprints. Also this features only works on Samsung devices and the upcoming updates may works on more devices.

In-App Ads:

The free version of HexLock shows in-app advertisements which may affect the UI. There are some apps where they have successfully implemented beautiful in-app ads. But in HexLocker you can’t expect this! To get rid of those advertisements you need to go with paid one by paying 10 INR. I guess its a fair price to remove those annoying ads.

Hexlock App Review


  • Clean & beautiful UI
  • Easy to Use
  • Auto-switching lock profiles
  • Smooth performance


  • Fingerprint Features averrable only for Samsung devices.

Final Thoughts:

I’ve tested several app lockers anyhow HexLocker has certain features which made me look back around to it. It got the good design with clean UI along with many features and its available for free. If you want to remove those in-app ads then you just need to pay Rs. 10 and rest work perfectly.

Download From Playstore

The only experienced person will know about the advantage of this app. Instead of getting more suggestion from this post, better go check HexLock on your own. All you need is to download and install HexLock on your Android smartphone and secure your data.

Is there another best app lockers which you feel it’s better than HexLock app available for android? If it so, then please do share them in comments below!