GetResponse VS InfusionSoft Email Marketing Automation Review

getresponse vs infusionsoft review

When we’re talking about Email Marketing the two names that we just can’t miss are GetResponse and InfusionSoft, and well so I spent some time with both the tools  and came up with this piece of Review for Getresponse vs infusionsoft.
Basically my primary intention for this review was that I’ve heard a lot of buzz for InfusionSoft, and well I’m  a 3 year old client to GetResponse, so being a curious customer I just had to find out what’s all the buzz about.
I’m scribbling this review down based totally on my own understanding of InfusionSoft and my 3 year old experience with GetResponse.
So I’ll just start from the basics, the features I love about GetResponse, and sadly enough they were no where to be found with InfusionSoft.

Webinar Pages:-

getresponse webinar settings

This is the feature I love about GetResponse, and it’s probably unique only to GetResponse as far as I’ve seen.

What this feature basically does is, it let’s me host, analyze, and  get data on a complete webinar, right from inside my GetResponse dashboard.

Now Email marketing is a major part of what I do, and over the years I’ve found out that nothing works as better as “webinars” when it comes to collecting E-mails.

I mean seriously, how many people these days just throw their E-mails out to you for “Get my Free Ebook on how to  do X and Y”, right?

So, Email marketing? You should try Webinars! And that’s one feature that’s embedded with GetResponse.

InfusionSoft:- No Webinar Feature with InfusionSoft.

Marketing Automation:-

Considering you’re an average level marketer with a good list and client outreach, you can’t expect to be devoting whole of your time to sending and capturing e-mails, right?

That’s where Marketing automation tools come in about! A lot of tools are combined under one roof to make your job easy and automated.

GetResponse’s Marketing Automation Solution:-

Ready to Use Blocks (Drag and Drop kind of Solution!):-

I won’t get into story-telling, what this feature does is, it makes it extremely easy for you to set events and consequences for them.

Let’s say you want to automatically send your clients an E-mail but only to those who added something in carts but didn’t buy them, or to any other special event clients, that can be totally automated with GetResponse’s solution, and pretty easily.

This screenshot should explain it better.

getresponse automatic features

Visual WorkFlows:-

Ever saw one of those E-mails from Amazon saying “Hey thanks for purchasing Item X, would you like to take a look at Item Y” ?

Well those convert like hell, and that’s something GetResponse makes extremely easy to accomplish. Again, nothing much to say instead let me just show you:-

getresponse drag and drop features

See? Again almost a drag & Drop Interface! You just select a Message, place you where you want it, done! How hard can that be?


Let me just say it straight out, InfusionSoft’s automation solution isn’t as simple, or near drag & Drop either.

But what it CAN do is it can send personalized and specific messages based on E-mail Sends, the open and click rates and stuff like that.

So okay, they HAVE an automation solution. And it’s good. But I just feel it isn’t as good as GetResponse’s, or even if it is, it’ll take you quite some days to figure out the stuff.

Emails Allowed:-

Each and Every plan with GetResponse allows me to send Unlimited number of E-mails! That’s something I seriously appreciate about them.

Now even the most affordable plan with InfusionSoft allows me only 12500 E-mails! I’m not saying that’s less than what I need, but what I’m saying is they aren’t unlimited, while GetResponse is.

So if you’re someone with a 10K email list, and you send 2-3 E-,mail sets every month, I’d say GetResponse should be your choice.

Email Templates:-

getresponse email templates

GetResponse is a complete Email Marketing solution, and when I say this what  I mean is that with GetResponse you get over 500+ Pre-designed Email templates.

So you don’t need to design your own Email Templates. And these are designed by professionals, so you can be sure of their quality and element palcements.

But should you decide to design your own email templates, GetResponse features a Drag & Drop Email template builder, all you’d have to do is drag and drop the elements and your Email templates would be ready!


InfusionSoft too features drag and drop Email template builders, but here again I’d have t say that you definitely don’t get as many as 500+ pre-designed templates.

Also in my own experience and from what I’ve heard from others, the Email Templates you get with InfusionSoft could seriously a use designer’s expertise. In other words, they ain’t as GetResponse simple as that.

A/B Testing:-

getresponse ab testing

With GetResponse, you get the option to run A/B tests on pretty much everything, starting from Email marketing templates, to landing pages.

Now no matter what you think, trust me A/B tests are probably one of the cheapest “billion dollar” researches! The difference they make to the final ROI is just magical.

So in other words, I do love A/B testing.

InfusionSoft:- Despite their high pricing, they don’t have any inbuilt A/B testing module! You can do so with the help of third party logical tags or something of that sort, but officially? Nope no A/B Tests supported.


getresponse autoresponder

Email marketing isn’t just complete without autoresponders, right?

Now This again is an aspect where GetResponse is way better, easier and simpler than InfusionSoft. But hey, don’t confuse yourselves, InfusionSoft isn’t as simple as GetResponse yes granted, but if you’re okay with spending couple hours learning it, it can be pretty fruitful.

Basically with GetResponse, you can setup your auto-responses easily, it’s like playing a game. You set the action, you set the response, simple as that.

But with InfusionSoft you would need some pretty complex logic and understanding of a bit of code if you’re to Email Market at a professional level.

Landing Page builders:-

getresponse landing page builder

I’ve seen people spend hundreds of extra dollars in addition to their Email Marketing solution for Landing pages! (I was one of them too!)

Till I found Getresponse, with GetResponse you get an in-built landing page builder, that has 100+ pre-designed templates for every kind of need you might have.

Additionally they’re drag and drop! So yeah no touching codes and getting yourself confused.

Infusionsoft:- InfusionSoft isn’t too far behind, it too boasts a landing page builder with pre-designed templates, but hey again I’m not sure what’s their issue with “good designers”.

Cause the templates are no where near being as professional as GetResponse’s.


Why big fonts? You know how important this factor is, right?

Well Let me tell you, GetResponse starts from as low as $15! And for all these features? I’d say that’s more than affordable.

Now if we take a look at InfusionSoft’s pricings, it’s around 10 times more the price to that of GetResponse’s,  in other words, their lowest plans start from as low as $199 and for all those features I’d say that’s not something I’d really love to pay.

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Final Verdict:-

So okay considering all those features which we just say, and then comparing the pricing between them, I’d say I’d happily go with GetResponse just about any day.

But if you take the other angle on it, I’d say InfusionSoft too is a complete solution, it’s just that if you’re an individual or a very small company, then you probably don’t need features as complex as InfusionSoft.

So my final verdict? It really depends on your needs and budget, but on the surface level I’d say GetResponse is more affordable, feature-rich and worth it.