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If you are the a gamer who loves playing io games like,, etc, you will certainly love playing This is the latest MMO game that is developed by the famous gaming company ‘Junglee Games’. The game is gaining fans across the world and many of the renowned gamers in YouTube have hosted the game play videos online. This is a really interesting game which is pretty simple and is highly addictive.
The developers have made sure in making the game super exciting by adding a time limit of 2 minutes for each battle. This allows the users to earn trophies and they can compete in the global leader board section.


The controls of the game are really awesome. When you start the game for the first time, you directly enter to the tutorial section which shows how to play the game. At first you are asked to assign a name for your fish (game alias). Next you will be allowed to choose the control you prefer. There are two types of control to navigate within the game.

1. Virtual Joystick: This is the control that is recommended by You swipe your fingers as 360 degree motion to navigate across the sea. This method will allow you control every movement of the fish at every instance. There is no fixed area to use the joystick and anywhere you touch within the game screen is considered as the virtual joystick.

2. Tap to Move: Tap to move is another option of navigation within You can move your fish by tapping the area where you want the fish to come. It is a matter of personal preference on how you want to navigate.

You can always change the navigation method by going to ‘Settings’ and choosing ‘Controls’. Other controls within the screen are ‘Split’ button and ‘Skill’ button which are placed to the left of the screen. If you are lefty, you have the option to change the position of the button in the settings.


eatme game preview

There are seven deadly fishes in the game and you need to play more games to unlock the fishes as you go. The current fishes in the game are as follows:

1. Piranha.
2. Puffer Fish.
3. Turtle.
4. Octopus.
5. Seahorse.
6. Blue Whale.
7. Shark.

Once you being the game, you are unlocked with a Piranha. There are multi-stage evolution that needs to be unlocked for each fish. Once the evolution is unlocked, it allows the fish to evolve as a deadly predator within the game and go on a killing spree!


As discussed above, evolution for every fish can be unlocked by collecting items needed to evolve. Each fish needs some items to evolve and hatch. These items are collected from fish bowls and tanks which are earned by completing a battle. There are different types of fish bowls and fish tanks in the game and opening these bowls will help you earn coins, items and tournament tickets.

eatme io battle evolution

Fish Bowls /Tanks: Fish bowls are commonly received after playing a battle. The different types of bowls are common, uncommon, rare and epic. These bowls contains items based on their rareness which can be collected to unlock fishes and evolution.

Hatching: Once you have collected all the items to unlock the fish, you need to hatch the fish or evolution. You can speed up the hatching by paying shells. You can use the fish and evolve within the game once the hatching is complete.

Daily Shop.

Daily shop is where players can purchase items like tournament tickets, items and fish bowls or tanks for coins or shells. This will allow players to unlock the items that can be purchased by spending a few coins. The in-app purchases allow users to purchase shells which are the main method to pay for items in the game. These shells can be used to unlock fish bowls and fasten the evolution.


The main attraction of is that you can play the game with your friends. You have the option to connect your Facebook friends. Once connected with Facebook, the players online will be shown in the ‘friends’ tab. You have the option to invite your friends to battle and a push notification will be sent to your friends. This way you can play with your friends in the same battle.
You also have the option to invite and earn shells. You can earn shells once the friend you invited starts playing By inviting more of your friends, you can enjoy playing with your friends and you can know the ranking within your friends circle in the ‘Leaderboard’ section. You can also invite friends by ‘player id’. You can know the player id by going to the settings menu and you can see the player id in the lower right.



When the game starts, you are born into the sea in a bubble. There are sea weeds and other fishes in the sea. You are supposed to eat the sea weeds to get bigger to eat the smaller fishes. The more you eat, the bigger you become and your rank climbs up the leaderboard in the game. Each fish has different skills in the game and you can use these skills to defend yourself from your opponent.

If you are able to finish first, you will receive more trophies which add to your overall trophy score. In the leaderboard section, you can get the breakdown of your scores within your friends, daily, weekly and global leaderboard.

Tournament is another area where players can compete for a month-long tournament. Tournament trophies are different compared to normal trophies. The Tournament trophies are reset in a daily basis and the winners are selected daily and awarded with fish bowls and shells. daily deals

Overall the has a lot of features and offers a good game play. You can check out the fanmade YouTube videos that are created to see the game play. The game is supported in both iOS and Android versions. The team has announced in their blog post that they will create a PC version of Download the game now and Eat ‘em all!