Driver Talent Review: Safest and Fastest Way to Update Drivers

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Sometimes, small tasks such as tracking your hardware drivers and updates can be a mess as the majority of the PC users don’t face these sorts of things usually. Although you don’t have to deal with these issues on a daily or weekly basis, but these issues is still the vital part of making your computer work flawlessly. Sometimes my “not-so-technical” friends came to me saying that they downloaded some freeware for updating their driver and suddenly their browser home page setting has been changed. Those are merely malware and it is important to find a legit solution to get rid off.

In this review, I’ll present one stop solution for updating your PC drivers efficiently – Driver Talent

Driver Talent Review

Something about Driver Talent

The tool was previously known as the DriveTheLife but later the company changed it to how we know it now. The primary and sole function of this software is to find corrupted, outdated or missing drivers by updating without hassles. The software itself is a home to a lot of features and has a clutter free interface. Some of its salient features are:-

  • This software is able to scan the web and find drivers for Windows XP, Vista, Win8, Win8.1, Win7 and also windows10.
  • You can also backup your currently installed drivers through their program.
  • To make sure you are actually getting updated, you can see and compare the details such as release date and file size of the drivers you are downloading.

Drive Talent Review

How to Setup & Install to get started?

Driver Talent software can be easily downloaded from its official website free of cost. The tool is premium, although the free feature can give you a glimpse of what is it like to use the tool. To use its most awesome features, you would need a license. The point of the free version is to show you its capabilities so that you can make up your mind before purchasing the licensed version.

Why should you install Driver Talent?

  • This software shuts down the computer automatically after installing drivers so that you can know if any update is pending
  • It gives you freedom to choose a different version of driver (i.e. if you want to update a specific version instead of latest one then you can do easily)
  • If the driver doesn’t require an update, it will reinstall the older version.

There is a good reason why you should pay attention to the whole process of updating drivers. One example of how this can be useful is when you are a gamer or a blogger and you need the right set of drivers to test all applications or games.

If you talk about any specific driver, Gamers need their graphic drivers to be up to date so that they have ensured of experiences the best possible performance and least the bugs. You might also need new and updated drivers if the old ones are not working properly anymore or may be causing some trouble for your computer.

Drive Talent Review

Pros of Driver Talent

  • Lightweight and installation process is very quickly (almost in 5 seconds or sometimes less)
  • Driver downloading is done directly through the program and the downloading speeds are quite fast.
  • The drivers have updated automatically and also backed up before their respective installations.

Driver Talent Review

User Testing :- Conclusion

In the initial usage and testing, the software looked nice and the whole interface and usage are simple, easy and clean because it has no adverts inside or extra menus. This indeed makes it much easier to use.

Driver Talent software even has extended version with some impressive features called Driver talent for network Card . This version going to help users to install drivers even without the internet, isn’t interesting? You can download the trial version of Driver Talent for Network card and start your experiment. It is designed to solve wired or wireless network driver problems. It can install WiFi , Ethernet or wired driver even you don’t have internet connections. It is well compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, 10.1 and Windows server since it is an extended version of Driver Talent so it also includes all those features. I’m sure you will realize this software will give some unique experiences what users yet waiting.

Once you installed, you will find there is a tab named Update and downloads which make you aware of your PC drivers which need to be backed up or repaired. It takes care of even solutions provided by driver talent even absence of internet. This software also backs up the drivers after downloading in case they are not backed up. As per my experiences, all features are mind blowing and I love how it provides the summary of every related driver in our computer and even allows fixing them within one click.

As per Editorial Opinion, I’d definitely suggest our readers to use Driver Talent software in order to save time in search of relevant drivers for your PC. However, this software lacks in providing a bulk download tool (which can be a little bit irritating). Although this software can still be use as it takes away loads while searching drivers and update them manually.