Top 10 Best Download Manager For Android – 2020

Top 10 Best Download Manager For Android

Android is the most used operating system. It comes installed on various devices such as mobiles, tablets, smartwatches, car media systems and much more. Android is so versatile that it can be modified to work on any environment. All this is possible because Android is open source. There are tons of apps on the Google play store. These apps are in so many categories and have different functions. Today, we are going to look into the productivity category and list the best download manager for Android. As we know Android allows users to select default apps for various actions, a user can install a 3rd party download manager. There are many advantages of having a 3rd party download manager app such as scheduled downloads, pause and resume, multiple downloads etc. So, if you are looking for fastest download manager for Android, look no further. Here, we have listed and reviewed the amazing android download managers for you to download. Let’s get to it.

List Of Download Manager For Android.

Given below is the list and brief review of best download manager for Android. Install them and make the best use of your internet bandwidth to get the best content downloaded seamlessly to your Android device.

1. Turbo Download Manager.

turbo downloader managerTurbo Download manager app is a great downloader for Android. It makes use of the multiple http connection technology to maximize the download speed. Turbo supports unlimited download file size, download history, sound notification and much more.

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2. Download Manager For Android.

download manager for androidDownload manager for Android is known to increase download speeds upto 3 times than stock download. It supports download of HTML5 pages as well as videos. Users can also bookmark webpages and search with voice. Along with these there are obvious download features like pause and resume in case of failure.

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3. IDM Download Manager.

idm downoad managerIDM is a very popular downloads manager on PC and so is it’s Android version. There are many idm alternatives available though but no one can take place of idm in this industry. There are great features in IDM download manager like address bar suggestions, JavaScript support, Google search, and live progress bar. Another highlight of this app is users can spoof agent device and switch to iPhone, ipad, Firefox etc.

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4. Advanced Download Manager.

advanced download managerAnother very popular download manager for Android, Advanced download manager is a sweet pick. It automatically captures downloadable files from supported browsers such as Chrome, dolphin, stock browser, boat etc. It holds the ability to download three files at a time and organises the downloads in seperate folders. This download manager supports scheduling as well.

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5. Easy Downloader Pro.

easy downloaderYet another great app for a download manager, easy downloader pro is a must try download manager for Android. It supports multiple protocols, high speed and upto 10 downloads simultaneously. The file handling capabilities of this app are great as well.

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6. Loader Droid.

loader droid managerLoader Droid also offers the download functionalities like all the best download manager for Android apps mentioned above. It has a light and dark theme option and can be changed in setting. The manager offers scheduling of downloads. You can select the connection for mobile data and WiFi according to your needs and limits of speed.

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7. Download Manager Accelerator.

download manager acceleratorDownload manager for Android has become successful in getting rid of all limitations of a basic download manager. It is quite efficient and offers a very simple and clean interface. The option of scheduling downloads is the icing on the cake.

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8. UC Browser.

uc browserAlthough UC browser is a full fledged browser for Android, the download manager in UC is also up to the mark and competes with the rest of the apps in this list of best download managers for Android. It has a download accelerator option and downloads files in a snap. UC browsers download manager specialises in slow internet connection downloading.

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9. Fast Download Manager.

fast download managerFast download manager is a fully loaded download manager for Android with a browser built in. You can save your favourite downloading sites for quick access. This app can help download large files directly on your Android device. The best thing about this app is the material design interface that looks elegant.

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10. Download Accelerator Plus.

download accelerator plusDownload accelerator plus is the last but not the least app in the list of best Android download managers. It offers the support of all file types such as video, music, documents, and so much more. The possibilities of downloading content on Android becomes endless with download accelerator plus.

Download From PlaystoreHence, these are the best download managers available for Android.

In conclusion, these are the best download managers for Android. If you feel we missed your favourite download manager for Android, please share with us in comments below. Also, do not forget to share this useful article with your friends.