How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Facebook is world largest social media platform where we make account, pages groups to connect with people around the world. As we create account which works like our identity. Its really easy to find someone on Facebook with their name and information to connect with them. We have various method to connect with friends, family and other people. As we add people in our personal account and even you can create pages to connect with fans at large extend. Sometimes we have crossed our maximum friend limit in account then it becomes problem for us to connect with more people. Don’t worry Facebook have the feature to convert account into page So We recommend you to learn How To Convert Facebook Profile into Page.
Today we are going to explain one more important features which ever user need to know is deleting Facebook account permanently. As their is not option available in account to delete any account permanently. As you can deactivate but which you can activate again in future whenever you want. In some condition we have more Facebook account or even some reason we want to delete account permanently then we want to delete permanently but we are unable to find option. If you also want to delete Facebook account permanently then i will explain you a method to delete account. This process takes around 14 days for permanent deletion. So follow method steps by steps carefully to complete deletion.

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently.

  • First of all Open you Facebook account which you want to delete permanently.
  • Then open the page to delete account From Here.
  • After that click on Delete My Account Button.

facebook delete account request

  • Now Security check box will appear and enter your password and captcha text to continue.
  • Then Message Will appear about Account Deactivation for 14 days and after that account will be permanently deleted.

facebook account permanently deleted message

  • After completing 14 days your will be deleted permanently and make sure that you will not have to log in again after submit a request for deletion. If you continue to log in then account be activated again.
  • If you login again then you will see this message in your account. Then you have 14 days to continue and cancel account deletion process.

facebook account deletion scheduled

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We hope this will help you a lot and you have learn how to deleted Facebook account permanently. In case you have any query please leave your comment below.