How To Delete All Cydia Tweaks At Once

How To Delete All Cydia Tweaks At Once

No doubt, Apple is the world’s top company when it comes to mobile devices. Apple has managed to create a complete ecosystem by producing its hardware and software which runs hand in hand to create a user experience like no other device.

But this fluidity and intuitive interface come at a cost. This cost is customization.  While Android users around the world boost their ability to customize their phones to the edge, iOS users have minimal options like changing the wallpaper.

To get over this issue, we need to jailbreak iPhone that lets users customize their iOS device and add tons of customization and other features using tweaks available via an app known as Cydia.

There are thousands of Cydia tweaks available, and there is no limit of customization once you jailbreak your iPhone. But even this is not a perfect option. Installing too many tweaks on your jailbroken iPhone can lead to a slow device and a loss in performance.

Hence, people need to remove all of their installed Cydia tweaks at once. It is a problematic process and users looking for an easy way to Delete all Cydia Tweaks at once.

If you are also in such a position and are looking for a way to Delete all Cydia Tweaks at once, then you are on the right spot. Here in this article, we are going to share with you a quick and easy method to Delete all Cydia Tweaks at once.

How To Delete All Cydia Tweaks At once.

Given below is the easy to follow step by step guide on how to Delete all Cydia Tweaks at once. Follow the given steps to Delete all Cydia Tweaks in a matter of seconds.

Note: This method is known to work 96% of the time. But on the safe side of the things, we recommend that you make a backup of your device.

Steps To Delete All Cydia Tweaks At Once Are :

Step 1. Open Cydia from your home screen.

Step 2. Then, head to the “Installed” tab and tap on the first week that you want to uninstall.

remove installed cydia apps tweaks tab

Step 3. Then Tap on “modify” and select “Remove.”

remove cydia tweak

Step 4. Now, instead of Taping “Confirm,” select “Continue Queuing.”

continue queing cydia tweaks

Step 5. In this way, add all the tweaks to the queue by repeating the steps above.

Step 6. When all tweaks are added to the queue, you need to delete them in a straightforward step. Just head to the “Installed” tab and tap on “queue.”

queue option cudia installed tweaks

Step 7. In the list of all tweaks queued, press “confirm” to delete all tweaks at once.

confirm delete all cydia tweaks

Hence, now you have deleted all Cydia tweaks at once. You will have to respring your device once.

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In conclusion, this is the best way to remove all Cydia tweaks one by one quickly. We hope this simple trick saves you a lot of time. Tell us about the experience you had in the comments below. Fell free to contact us if you need any help. Share this article with your closed ones as well.