Create Effective Explainer Videos With MySimpleShow

Create Effective Explainer Videos

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. You might have heard this saying before. Let me add one thing as a substituent to this A video is worth a million words. When I was in school, my teachers told me to connect the topics with visuals so that I would not forget them. Yeah, visuals create good impact on our minds. A poorly crafted video can ruin everything, though. When you have to explain something-your project, company, an idea or anything-, the best way is presenting the same as a video. Being a non-graphic designer, you may find it difficult to create convincing explainer videos. Don’t worry! I have something to cheer you up.

MySimpleShow, a good platform to create explainer videos

Yeah, you read it!

MySimpleShow is the solution to your explainer video crisis. Though this platform may be new to listen but, they have built quiet a solid customer base. Simply put, MySimpleShow is a web application that helps you create great looking explainer videos like a walk in the park. Here in this article, I will give you a spec overview and a how-to guide,

Features of MySimpleShow

The following are the features I found impressive on my user experiences;

Easy-to-Use Interface

For a non-designer, using a professional-looking tool is like a tough row to hoe. That’s why the guys behind MySimpleShow have kept the interface simple and straightforward. Once you sign up for an account, you can start creating own videos according to your ideas. There are no strings attached that prevent you from visualizing your excellent ideas.

Storyline Suggesting Feature

Sometimes, we have to tell a story to bring the audience into the core of what you present. Most of us suck in storytelling, to be honest. In order to overcome this issue, MySimpleShow supports a storyline suggesting tool. It recommends the best storyline for your videos based on the answers you give to some questions MySimpleShow asks.

mysimpleshow storyline

A Rich Visual Library

We can’t always have images that match our projects. If you are facing a scarcity for the visuals to create your video, just sign up for MySimpleShow now. They have got a library rich with tons of images. In case you don’t think the images in the library don’t suite your video (unlikely), you can upload your own pictures as well.

Own Voice Engine

Do you think your voice doesn’t suite for a voiceover? Don’t worry! All you have to do is entering the voice in the text form into the text2voice engine of MySimpleShow. It will take care of the rest. Of course, there is an option to record your voice and make it as the voiceover while the video plays.

24×7 Responsive Customer Support

Most of the times, you don’t have to contact the customer care. They have an extensive FAQ section, where you can find the answers for almost all your queries. In case you don’t find an answer in the FAQ section, you can contact the customer support. They are online all the time.

How to Create a Video Using MySimpleShow?

The following is a brief guide on creating a video using MySimpleShow.

Step 1: The very first step is signing up for an account. Once you become a member, you can see Create a new video button. Click it.

Step 2: You will get two options here; Write your own script and Upload a PowerPoint file. I recommend you go with the first one. Then, click let’s start.

Step 3: You get many options in three tabs to select your storyline. Once you do it, click Type away to get the fields to enter your idea.

mysimpleshow make video

Step 4: Now you will get the field to enter the script you want to include in your video. After that, go with Select visuals, and then with sounds great.

Step 5: The explainer engine of MySimpleShow starts it work now to suggest you the images. You can choose anything from the selection box on the right.

Step 6: At this step, you should add audio to the video. Go with their audio or record your voice.

Step 7: After you do all the six steps given above, you can play the video. If everything is alright, click Finalize video.

Wait some time to get an email that confirms the completion of the video creation. Once the video is ready, you can share, edit, or even delete it.

See? Video creation isn’t so hard, you know?

Final Verdict

When you go with a professional tool, you will have to go through a learning curve. In addition, it will take even more time to bring your video to the perfection. Think, if you are in need of an impressive video in quick time. Well, there comes the importance of MySimpleShow. You can sign up for free and create your video in seven steps without having any technical knowledge.