How To Bypass Surveys To Download/Unlock Files – 2021 (Working)

How To Bypass Surveys To Download Files

Ever happened when you try to download a file, watch an online movie, but an Online Survey popped up in the way and ruined all your time by convincing you to complete a survey.

And after you complete a survey, you find nothing, and you end up cursing that website for wasting your time. Came here to see How to Bypass Surveys To Download Files?

Do not worry, and we have a solution for you guys. Online surveys are a method for websites to earn money. Haven’t you noticed that it is rare when you find the thing you need even after completing the study?

Online Surveys can include delicious and mouth-watering offers for the latest Smartphone, Coupons worth hundreds and thousands for MNC’s, etc. They ask you to enter your details like E-mail, Phone no., etc., and what you receive there is Spam.

There are many methods and solutions out there, but the ones we will list below will work for sure and will work for you on How to Bypass Surveys To Download Files. Just read the solutions below to help yourself out and download the file or watch the movie you have been dying for.

How To Bypass Surveys To Download Files.

Method 1:- Using a Survey Removal Bookmarklet.

xjz survey bypasser

First of all, install the XJZ Survey Remover bookmarklet. It is a bookmarkable link that you can place in your bookmark bar. When you visit a site with a survey, you can click the bookmark to attempt to remove the study. Follow the steps below to try this method.
  1. Find the XJZ bookmarklet on the developer’s website. It is available for free. You can open the site by clicking here.
  2. Once you have opened the developer’s website, click on the star on the right side of the address bar in most of the browsers to bring and save the link to your Bookmark Bar.
  3. Whenever you visit a website with an online survey, click on the XJZ Survey Remover bookmark, which you have saved earlier. Now you will see that the site will reorganize and show you the content you came to that website.

Note– This method will only work if the website had content. This method will not help you if that website had no substance and aimed to waste your time. It also would not help you if Online Survey is compulsory to complete if you want to reach the desired content.

4. You can also easily install the XJZ Survey Remover add-on or extension for your browser to bypass any online survey.

Method 2:- Using Fake Information To Bypass Surveys To Unlock Content.

Following is another method to help you to Bypass an Online Survey. Using this method, you have to pass through the Online Survey, but you would not have to enter your details. This method is useful if it is compulsory to complete the Online Survey. Follow the following steps to help you to Bypass an Online Survey.

  1. Firstly find a Fake information generator, which you can easily find by Googling. It will generate fake Name, Gender, Address, Phone no., Occupation, and many more details that an online survey have to fill.
  2. Gather all the information from that website and fill it in where the Online survey demands.
  3. You can create an E-mail from any website that offers free E-mail service.

Fake ID generator

Fill in all the information in the Online survey, and you are good to go. This method will still not work if that particular website does not have any content in it.

Method 3:- Bypass Surveys Using Browser Extensions

Nowadays, browsers are equipped with much more stuff than you need. But it comes to help in a situation like this. To  Bypass an Online Survey to Download Files, you can add extensions or add-ons in your browser.

Add-Ons for Mozilla Firefox users to Bypass Surveys.

Mozilla Firefox users Download Add-ons to help you bypass online surveys.

Note:- This method may not work for all websites as it depends on the site.

Method 4:- Bypass Online Surveys By Disabling JavaScript.

Yes! Surveys can be unlocked easily by disabling the JavaScript of your browser. You can easily disable JavaScript by going into your browser setting.

How To Disable JavaScript In Firefox.

  • Open your Firefox browser.
  • In the address bar, type about: config and press enter.
  • Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” on the next dialogue that comes up.

Mozilla disable Javascript

  •  Find the preference named javascript. Enabled. To quickly find the option, type the word “javascript” in the search bar.
  •  Right-click on javascript. enabled and selected “Toggle.” The status should change to “user set,” and the preference should become emboldened.

Mozilla Disable Javascript

  • Close the about: config tab.
  • After bypassing, reactivate JavaScript for smooth browsing.

How To Disable JavaScript In Chrome.

  • Click on Show advanced settings.
  • Click on the Settings option.
  • Open the Google Chrome web browser.

Chrome Javascript disable

  • Click on Content settings.
  • Click on Do not allow any site to use JavaScript.

Chrome Javascript Disable

  • After bypassing reactivate JavaScript again for smooth browsing on other websites.

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We hope you have successfully avoided surveys to download files or unlock content you wished for using the methods listed above. If you were not successful in doing so, we suggest you continue searching for the file and finding a website that doesn’t have an online survey.