Top 10 Best Bike Racing Games For Android – 2021

Top 10 best bike racing games for android

Today, there is a trend of multitasking to save time and carry other essential tasks simultaneously. Computers, mobiles, and other devices support multitasking with the help of supported OS.

The best example of multitasking is the Android OS, in which we can play games, listen to songs, and download files at the same time. Android OS is instead the open-source operating system based on Linux, which is for touch screen mobiles, tablet computers.

Android devices are also famous for entertainment activities because of their games, which are almost loved by age groups of youth and children. Like bike racing games for android are more popular because of their real environment.

While we have also listed some android games to play, so today, we are going to list out a few best bike racing games for android. You should try these games at least one time. Then, you can have fun in your free time with these games. All Android users can easily download these games from the Google Play store.

  1. Death Moto.
  2. Racing Moto.
  3. Speed City Moto.
  4. Highway Rider.
  5. Speed Moto 2.
  6. Drag Racing.
  7. Bike Race Free.
  8. Bike Racing 3D.
  9. Bike Attack Race.
  10. Fast Bike Race.

Best Bike Racing Games For Android List.

1. Death Moto.

After playing Racing Moto, Death Moto is yet another popular android racing game that we prefer to play. An exciting feature in this is that we can pick tools from our way during the journey and throw them to other bikes to restrict them.

Every time you knock down a racer, you get different helmets that help you to unlock other bikes.

Death Moto: Download.Death Moto

2. Racing Moto.

Racing Moto is a popularly played Android games with a Beautiful journey scene and fantastic speed. Currently, 483897 users have downloaded and played this game.

In this game, you have to control your bike during a rush in streets and roads and also enjoy the desert, city, bridge, sea, and forests.

Racing Moto: Download.Racing Moto

3. Speed City Moto.

Speed City Moto is still another android racing game for users who like 3D effects. Like Racing Moto in this game, you can also race on roads and also enjoy the desert, city, bridge, sea, and forests.

In this game, you have to collect coins during the journey to get a new bike and helmets.

Speed City Moto: Download.Speed City Moto

4. Highway Rider.

High Rider is yet another popular android game. In this game, your race is with trucks and cars, and when you cross them, your point or score also increases. You can use a boost to go at a very high speed.

With it, you can also change your bikes and outfits in different shops. Also, it offers you different challenges to complete. For people who love challenges, this is the best option for them.

Highway Rider: Download.Highway Rider

5. Speed Moto 2.

After clearing all levels of Speed Moto, you may probably like to play its advanced level in Speed Moto 2 with 3D effects and advanced racing bikes. In this game, you have to find the world six High-Performance bikes in different five zones of the world.

We can choose different modes of play, such as free racing, challenges, survival, and drag racing.

Speed Moto 2: Download.Speed Moto 2

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6. Drag Racing: Bike Edition.

Drag Racing is another popular bike racing game available on the Google play store with the best match with realistic graphics.

Its graphics are automatically adjusted according to your device. It provides 17 Spots bikes, and we can choose one of them, and we can also challenge online players in online mode. In this way, we can compete with others.

Drag Racing: Download.Drag Racing: Bike Edition

7. Bike Race Free.

Bike Race free is another popular bike race game that offers you freestyle race. This game provides multiplayer options, 16 amazing bikes, 152 different tracks, and simple controls. Beat another racer to get stars and unlock different bikes with advanced racing features.

Bike Race Free: Download.Bike Race Free

8. Bike Racing 3D.

Bike Racing 3D is another fantastic title among other bike racing games for android. It offers stunning 3D graphics. We can select from five different unique bikes.

It is easy to play the game, challenging to master. Approximately 100 million users have downloaded this game. It has a rating of 4.1 on the Google Play Store. This game provides 60 different tracks in career mode.

Bike Racing 3D: Download.

Bike Racing 3D Android Game


9. Bike Attack Race.

Bike Attack Race is another best game in the list of bike racing games for android. This game offers ten different levels of challenges and difficulty. Approximately 10 million users have downloaded this game.

It offers Awesome 3D graphics with tilt controls. We can collect different pickup of Boost, stunts, and power. We can also fight with other players with kicks and punches.

Bike Attack Race: Download.

Bike Attack Race Android Game


10. Fast Bike Race.

It is another excellent choice in all bike racing games for Android users. We can also compete with online players around the world. We can change the appearance of the bike and rider.

And, it offers a wide variety of high-speed bikes like Karizma & Yamaha, etc. This game provides ultra-smooth tilt control with almost 5 million users. This game offers the actual physics of bike racing.

Fast Bike Race: Download.

Fast Bike Race 2016 Android Game

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In conclusion, these are the few best bike racing games for android phones. The download which you find is the best way to enjoy bike racing. You can share your suggestions, reviews as well as queries in the comments below.