Top 10 Best Photo Editing Software For PC Windows/MAC – 2020

Top 10 best photo editing software for pc windows

Photo Editing is basic part to make images rather more attractive. We take photos to remember any special occasion or event in our day to day life. But Images also play an important role in many different streams. Like in Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment and Internet etc. Normally we use Mobiles and Computers now days where we click as well as view images. So on our smartphone we can easily download apps for editing. As we already posted about photo editing apps For Android. But for you can also try best online photo editors. These all we do normally for sharing them on Facebook, instagram or other social site.
But for professional purpose then we need to design images with the use best Photo Editing Software for PC. With the help of these software’s we can create attractive and more realistic images. These tools are very useful for professional photographer, Graphic designer and Web designer. But the major problem faced by normal user is few of best photo editing software are paid but rest of other are difficult to use or may works online. If you don’t know about image editing then do not worry, In this article we will provide best images editing tools which are easy to use offline and different type of features in all. Choose any of the which you find more suitable for your editing purpose.

List Of Best Photo Editing Software For PC.

1. Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most famous photo editing software for PC. It is developed by Adobe corporation. It provide user friendly interface and easy to use tool. Adobe Photoshop is compatible with all versions of Windows and also available for Mac operating system. It provide support to edit a picture by using multiple layers. Adobe Photoshop provide options to change the color of photo, adjust brightness and contrast, crop and re size photos and support all the photo formats. Current version of Photoshop is CC 2017.

Adobe Photoshop

2. PhotoScape.

Photo Scape is another popular photo editing software for PC. It does support to work on multiple layers like Photoshop. But still it provide tools to quickly edit a pictures like re- size a picture, Add some external objects to picture, change the settings of color, brightness etc. It also provide option to create picture by combining two or three images. We can also create animated pictures by using this software. It is compatible with all version of Windows and support all type of images format.


3. Gimp.

Gimp is open source application to edit the images and is available for windows, Linux,  Mac. It is available for free and save cost of buying image editing tools. It provide translation tools for scaling, Rotating, shear and flip the images. Gimp also provide support for multiple layers. It also provide Sub pixel sampling for paint tools for high quality anti-aliasing. It also support multiple undo and redo operations. Gimp has 100 of plugins already available. It support tile based memory management so image size is limited by the disk space.


4. Photo Pos Pro.

Photo Pos Pro is another popular photo editing software for PC. It has many type of selection tools, a wide variety of paint tools, colors with different shades, control brightness and contrast of image, create different light effects on the images. Photo Pos Pro also offer some funny tools which allow you to add fireworks, bubbles, different shading effects etc. It provide support for layers and filters. Photo Pos Pro is available for Windows and Mac and support all image formats.

Photo Pos Pro

5. PhotoFilter.

PhotoFiltre is an image retouching tool than a conventional editor. It is also available Windows and support all images format. It can also save the image in different formats  after editing. Filter provides a variety of color correction and filters, paint tools etc. It is the best option when you need to give more artistic look to an image.


6. PixBuilder Studio.

PixBuilder Studio is another popular photo editing software for PC. It is compatible with all version of windows and also available for Mac Operating system. It also provide tools for re-size, crop, rotate, flip the images. This sofware has a variety of selection tools and also support layers, filters. It support all image format and save the image in any format you want to save.

PixBuilder Studio

7. Funny Photo Maker.

Funny Photo Maker is popular photo editing software for PC. It is good choice when you want to make fun with a pictures. This app does not support smart selection, drawing tools, layers and filters.  It has amazing range of tools which you can apply within seconds. We can add someone picture with a movie poster, apply some funny frames, create moving effects, add rain or snow scene to picture. It support all picture format and available for Windows.

Funny Photo Maker

8. Adobe Photoshop LightRoom CC.

It is one of the amazing photo editing software for PC. This tool is available of Windows and MAC platform. It is a professional image editing tools which offer more tools for editing. Its preset feature allow us to set a configuration of adjustment and quickly apply them to other image with one click. We can also create new styles with its preset feature. We can also use its batch processing feature to apply preset configuration.

Adobe Photoshop LightRoom CC PC Software

9. PhoXo.

PhoXo is another best photo editing software for PC. It is an open source and totally free tool. It is a light weight tools which provide fast image editing with its easy to use tool. PhoXo provide selection, rotation and crop tools. It provide magnetic wand, lasso and marquee selection tool. It is available in 11 different languages. PhoXo also provide its text effects and layers. Every tool include a helpful tip for easy learning.

PhoXo PC Software

10. Pixelmator.

Pixelmator is one of the best photo editing tool for MAC OS. Its stable version is released on December 2015. It was the first commercial image editor that fully support webp format on MAC OS. It support all the popular file formats and also support layered images. Pixelmator provide 40 tools for selection, cropping, painting, retouching, typing and measuring. It also provide 16 color correction tool with 50 filters.

Pixelmator PC Software

We hope you like these photo editing software for PC. If you know any of the best software for photo editing must leave your reviews in comments.