Best Mobile App Marketing Strategies 2020

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Making a mobile application is hard, but not as hard as getting users to download and install it. The harder it gets to hold the users and make the customers. There are tons of apps, news, sports, games, battery; you name it, and there is an app for it already.

Due to a large number of apps available in any given category, it becomes hard to market your app and thereby to secure more users from the competition. But still, the thing is possible, because of thousands of app developers have done it and are already doing it.

Below are some professional tips for marketing your App –

1. Facebook “Boost Post”

Looking at its success rate, and the wide audience available on Facebook, it is quite surprising that only a few mobile marketers talk about this strategy. As per my experience, this can definitely be sure way of acquiring more users towards your app. The secret is either advertising on Facebook, or either using the boost post option to promote it across various places.

For the best results, I recommend using images of high resolution, and make use of a combination of both sponsored stories and promoted posts which are targeted specifically to mobile news food of your target audience.

Boost your Facebook Post

2. Promoted Tweets

This works fairly good enough and used widely as well. As soon as a mobile company launches an app, it isn’t a shock when advertising on Twitter comes in their list of to-do things.If you haven’t been playing with Twitter advertising, you should either get a professional to do it or either start off on a small budget just to test some keyword segment.

Once a particular segment provides traffic, more money should be invested in it. A/B testing or split testing is the key to finding the best performing keyword and that too at affordable price.

Twitter Promotion

3. App Store Optimization

One should always start from the bottom when something isn’t right. If your app is not attracting, follow Clever Ways to Get App Reviews Efficiently on any app store, something might be wrong there. Not only visually, but the SEO perspective also works here as well.

You can do app store optimization by yourself or purchase ASO service from an ASO service provider to improve your app keywords ranking. The higher you rank for the app keywords, the more installs you would get.

mobile app monetization

4. Micro Site

If you aren’t familiar with these types of websites, then you should certainly step in this thing.These are websites built specially for the purpose of driving sales. They are sometimes one-page website ( basically a landing page ) or a website of a few pages.

To make things even spicier, you could add a blog section to your website and then use various blogging techniques to drive traffic to your micro website.This mainly includes writing about your products, or writing on keywords related to your app. The key is to make a blog as engaging as possible and drive more readers to the main website.


Apart from above mentioned techniques, one can also try traditional blogging technique such as guest posting to grab the attention of others’ audience. You should pitch several blogs and websites to review your app at the same time, write keyword related informative posts at other blogs.

Usually, they provide an author bio box, and it would be awesome to point out some clicks towards your micro website or the app download page itself.Some of these tricks are used widely, and some have quite a few number of marketers in it. It is all up to you as of which niche you are stepping in.