Top 10 Best Media Player For PC Windows/MAC – 2021

Top best media player for windows pc

PC is widely used in every field like business, banking, Development. For personal usage, we enjoy playing games, songs, and videos. We also browse the internet. Most people are using Windows OS in their computer systems.

Windows is widely used because of its simple and easy-to-understand interface. Listening to songs and playing videos is the most common type of entertainment that everyone does in their free time. Even we record our own videos of any special occasion.

Recently we listed out some best video editing software that may help to make videos more attractive. For playing videos and listening to songs we need a media player on our devices. There are many different types of media players for PC are available.

But every player does not support various types of audio and video formats. So we have to choose the best media players that support all. In case windows media player is creating issues then these alternative media player for PC are the best solution.

These players support all video and audio formats that are widely used. Here we are going to provide you the best media player for PC. All are free to use and have amazing features.

  1. VLC Player.
  2. GOM Player.
  3. KMPlayer.
  4. PotPlayer.
  5. MPC-HC.
  6. Kodi Player.
  7. RealPlayer.
  8. DivX Player.
  9. UM Player.
  10. SM Player.

Top Best Media Player For PC Windows & MAC.

1. VLC Player.

VLC player is one of the most commonly used media players for PC. It is compatible with all versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. VLC  provides easy to understand and user-friendly interface. It supports all types of audio and video formats.

VLC also provide playlist feature, photo capture of videos. It also supports third-party plugins and skins to add more functionality. VLC is open-source and available for free software. We also suggest you use it at least once.

VLC Player: Download.VLC media Player for pc

2. Gom Player.

Gom player is another popularly used player for windows and provides a more interactive interface. It provides the codec service. With this service, we can download codecs for a format that is not supported by it.

We can play that format so it provides flexibility for any coming audio and video format. It also provides facilities for skins, plugin, subtitles. After VLC player this is also a good choice and available for free.

Gom Player: Download.GOM media Player for pc

3. KMPlayer.

KMPlayer is also one of the best free players for windows. It provides easy to understand interface and is also very lightweight software. KMPlayer provides features for the playlist, subtitle, skins audio filtering, etc.

This software also provides video capture that is to take video images during video playing. KMPlayer supports all types of video and audio formats.

KMPlayer: Download.KMPlayer media Player for pc

4. PotPlayer.

PotPlayer is another popular media player for windows only. It supports all types of video and audio formats. PotPlayer is available for free and support plugin, codec’s, subtitles.

It also provides you control to set the screen size according to your choice, pack filters for noise reduction, interlacing brightness, contrast, hue. PotPlayer is also a good choice for Windows users.

PotPlayer: Download.

PotPlayer media Player for pc

5. MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home-Cinema).

MPC-HC is another open-source freely available media player. It is only available for windows. It supports all types of video formats without the need for any codecs. MPC-HC is a lightweight software and is also available for a 64-bit version.

It provides features like subtitles, playlist, skins, audio filtering, video capturing, etc. MPC-HC does not require any load time during playing audio and video.

MPC-HC: Download.MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home-Cinema)

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6. Kodi Player.

Kodi player is another popular media player for pc which is compatible with all versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac, etc. It is open-source software which supports all type of video and audio formats. It does not need any other external codecs and support features like subtitles, noise reduction, playlist, video capturing, audio filtering, etc.

Kodi Player: Download.XBMC Player for PC

7. RealPlayer.

It is another good player in the list of Best Media player for PC. RealPlayer support all types of formats including Mp4, Mkv, Avi, Mov, and even HD videos. It provides a free version and a premium version. The free version includes all the basic features to play the video.

If we have a fast internet connection then we can use a premium version for only 4.99 USD per month which also offers 365 GB free space on its cloud. We easily share videos with our friends.

RealPlayer: Download.

RealPlayer PC Software

8. DivX Player.

It is another best player for Watching High-Quality Videos. If you are looking for a free player with extra features then this is the best choice for You. It supports multiple audio tracks we can easily switch between audio tracks.

DivX Player also provides a playlist feature. we can also keep track of what we recently watch with its recent list option. It provides easy to use interface with attractive graphics.

DivX Player: Download.

DivX Player PC Software

9. UM Player.

UM, Player is an open-source and freely available media player for PC. It is a cross-platform player that is available on multiple OS including MAC, Windows, and Linux. We can easily customize it with multiple skins.

It provides built-in subtitle search and audio sync. It supports all the video formats including HD videos. With the help of its codec support, we can easily play the damaged video files also.

UM Player: Download.

UM Player PC Software

10. Sm Player.

It is another freely available Video Player that is available for Windows and Linux with inbuilt codec support. We can easily Play all the video formats without downloading codecs.

It automatically remembers the information about all the media files we play and resume the file later from the previous point. It can also play YouTube videos and also provide an optional plugin to support YouTube videos search.

Sm Player: Download.

SM Player PC Software

So these are the few best media players for PC which are widely used. You can choose any one of them which is working fine according to your software and hardware performance. In case we missed any popular media player for PC windows let us know.