Top 12 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android – 2020 (Latest)

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Android phones are highly customizable because you can customize anything you want according to you with the help of installing apps. Android has huge marketplace where you can find a large number of free and paid android apps. You can rather easily change wallpapers, themes and launchers according to your need. With the help of customization apps you be able to change your device interface completely. We probably see the home screen and lock screen of our smartphones a hundred of times in our daily routine. Sometimes we feel bored from our home screen and lock screen.
But don’t worry android phones are customizable, therefore you can change your home screen and lock screen according to you just by installing lock screen apps for android. Like all android phones come with inbuilt lock screen which are not fully functional and it looks like boring and mostly people want some privacy that nobody can invade their phones. No doubt their are many security apps for android. People put some screen locks on their phones but due to lack of privacy other people can easily open these screen locks. But there are many lock screen apps for android phones which are completely functional high security and become with variety of beautiful themes.

List Of Best Lock Screen Apps For Android.

#1 Go Locker.

Go Locker android app Go Locker screen app is rather the best lock screen app which is downloaded by more than 100 million users and 970,000+ user reviews with most reviews are 4.4 star rating. As well as you can get screen locker themes from Go Locker theme store which provides large number of different themes for their users which are paid or as well as free, so you can customize any theme according to your wish. You can also get android style as well as IPhone style or some other style themes. It has shortcuts like phone, settings and messages which you can directly access from your mobile lock screen.
Download Go Locker

 #2. Locker Master – With HD Themes.

Locker Master android appLocker Master is the best and rather popular app in all lock screen apps for android. You can lock your mobile screen with your own style with locker master. It also provides you various interesting and stylish themes. Locker Master has various different and unique unlocking patterns. You can customize your general settings and app quick launcher. You can check your phone messages and missed calls from your mobile home screen. It also provides the weather forecast shortcut on lock screen. Locker Master have different style themes therefore, you can download IOS7 pattern or pin lock themes. You can also check Facebook, Google+ and Twitter notification from lock screen.
Download Locker Master - With HD Themes

#3. Cover Lock Screen.

Cover Lock Screen android appsCover lock screen app is most noteworthy and brilliant app in all lock screen apps for android users which you can used for your mobile lock. Many unique patterns are available on this app which you can use them according to your style. It puts apps which you use the most on lock screen for easy access, so you can quickly access right apps at right time. It have many different style themes for their users. You can smartly set your mobile settings according to you with the help of this app. It gives you the feature like app switching like you can directly go between apps.

Download Cover Lock Screen

#4. Dodol Locker  – Wallpaper.

Dodol Locker android appsDodol Locker yet again is the best one in all lock screen apps for android with variety of themes. You can customize or change your home screen with stylish themes. Dodol has huge amount of themes and wallpapers according to different categories which are free as well as some are paid for lock screen because they provides unique PIN/ Pattern unlock number for your privacy. With Dodol launcher you can totally change and decorate your home screen with themes and fully functionally unlock pattern.

Download Dodol Locker - Wallpaper

#5. Echo Notification Lockscreen.

Echo Notification Lockscreen androidEcho notification lockscreen app is shows you notification on screen because with the help of this app you can change set your notification as you want. It also lets full control how notification would be displayed. It is a lightweight lock screen app which won’t effect on your battery power. From the key features it provides you smart alerts which are only alerts you on a required messages and you can also organize notification in a group and set them priority vise. Tap on the app to open or rather swipe left to dismiss the app. Lockscreen PIN/ pattern are available to secure your mobile from unauthorized user.

Download Echo Notification LockscreenAlso Check:- Best App Locker For Android


#6. Lock screen OS 9.

lock screen os 9You can make your mobile creative, beautiful and interesting with the help of Lock screen OS 9 screen lock app. It provides you variety of wallpapers and themes for your mobile and a variety of unlocking patterns. Easy to use and you can manage your notifications according to you. You can customize your lock screen and rather make it look creative.
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#7. Joy Locker.

Joy Locker android appsJoy locker rather provides you attractive and unique unlock patterns for your privacy. Because privacy is the most important thing any other so this app let you provide security fro your apps ans well as you mobile data will safe while using this app. It also provides many different wallpapers and themes which you can set on your mobile.Download Joy Locker


#8. Loklok Locker.

Loklok Locker android appsLoklok is a shared lock screen app and always syncs between you and other people who are connected to you. Creating a group of some of your friend so whenever anyone try to change their lock screen wallpaper it will change automatically on other friends screen. It will connect to you to your friends therefore, You can leave notes for your friends. You can draw or erase images on white board. Users can enjoy with your close friends all over the day take any photo and put on the board and draw any funny images on it. For your privacy it have unique pattern and pin numbers.
Download Loklok Locker

#9. Locket Lock Screen.

Locket Lock Screen android appsLocket lock screen is rather an intelligent lock screen app. When you open your phone it always shows you top stories. It track you interests and bring you relevant content on your lock screen. Locket lock screen app is beautifully designed and has great GUI. It always let you to save stories for later read like some stories you want to read later you can easily save on your screen and you can read later. Locket Lock Screen provides large amount of themes and unique pattern and pin number security lock system fro your mobile privacy.
Download Locket Lock Screen

#10. Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock.

Alarm Anti TheftIf you worry if some can steal your smart phone or some one can open your phone without your permission then don’t worry this app will help you because it provides unique security systems. When any one tries to open your without your permission it will sound an alarm, start vibrate which will scare the person awayso because of this, app name is anti alarm theft lock screen app.

Download Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

#11. UnlockYourBrain.

UnlockYourBrain android appsUnlock your brain is a genius app because every time when you open your phone you have to solve some type of math, language or trivia question and for open your mobile you have to just slide the right answer. You can learn many things from this app, you can double your learning speed and you can find some new words fro your learning which will beneficial for your brain and it will exercise your brain.
Download UnlockYourBrain

#12. Slidelock Locker.

Slidelock Locker android appsSlidelock locker best choice in listed lock screen apps for android and provides you lock screen display with notification, so you can receive directly your important notifications on screen. It is a clean and lightweight screen lock app. To unlock the screen you have to swipe right and when you swipe left it will open you camera. And for open notification swipe right and swipe left to dismiss notification. Custom status bar is available in this app or you can customize setting for each app from home screen.

Download Slidelock LockerIn conclusion, all the above listed apps are most popular and best screen lock apps for android phone which are widely used. If we missed any best one let us know in comments below.