Best Facebook Games 2021 (Top 50+ List)

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We usually play games on mobile or PC/Laptop in our daily routine for relaxation. As we know, Facebook is instead the most popular social networking site, and we can share our thoughts, images, videos, and audios with our friends and family members.

Besides all these things, Facebook also provides you a Game portal where you can enjoy playing the best Facebook games when you are feeling bored with chatting and uploading items.

Suppose you are at an office or traveling somewhere, and you have some free time, At that time, you can open your Facebook, and you can play games anonymously without being online with anyone, and you can enjoy your free time.

Facebook instead has a large number of games. You can pick any game according to your taste. You can also find hot games which are most famous in the trend. They also have different categories, like Casual Games, Battle, etc.

Otherwise, you can check recommended, similar to, action games, sports games, etc. As on Facebook, you can also play these games on the Android and IOS platforms. Check out the given below games which are the Best Facebook games to play and enjoy in your free time.

List Of Best Facebook Games 2021.

1. Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush Saga is most prevalent in all the best Facebook games to play. But for extra moves or lives payment will require. It is the sweetest puzzle game where you can match and switch hundreds of levels and enjoying the delicious puzzle adventure.

One hundred million people are playing this game and have a 4-star rating out of five. It is the top most popular game on Facebook. You can play it alone or with your friends and challenge them in this game.

Candy Crush Sagar: Play Now.

candy crush saga


2. Farm Heroes Saga.

Farm Heroes Saga, this game is created by the maker of Candy Crush Saga & Pet Rescue Saga. You can enjoy this game by rescue farm islands with the help of Farm Heroes. In this game, you have to stop the Rancid the Raccoon from spoiling the precious farmlands.

You can also enjoy hundreds of levels of strawberry switching, carrot crunching, and help Farm Heroes to save their farm islands.

Farm Heroes Saga: Play Now.

farm hero saga

3. Pet Rescue Saga.

Pet Rescue Saga is another best Facebook game; In this game, you have to rescue the pet from a kidnapper by matching two or more blocks of the same color.

Due to the limited moves, you have to plan them carefully. You can also improve your puzzle skills with the help of this game. It is entirely free to play and either you can play it alone or with your friends.

Pet Rescue Saga: Play Now.

pet rescue saga

 4. Trivia Crack.

In this game, there are six different categories:- entertainment, and sports, geography, history, art & literature, science, and technology.

You have to get the characters similar to one of the categories. After this, you have to spin the wheel, and this will decide which type you will have to answer. You can answer the type of your choice if the wheel stops at a particular slot.

Trivia Crack: Play Now.

trivia crack

5. Dragon City.

Dragon City is a free game to play, and mostly the 10 million people are players of this game. Players have to Build a magical world in Dragon City.

You can Gain hundreds of dragons, and you have to breed them, and you can make them level up to become a Dragon Master. You can train your dragons for battle and engaging them in combat with other players.

Dragon City: Play Now.

dragon city


6. Bubble Witch 2 Saga.

Bubble Witch 2 Saga is also created by the makers of Candy Crush Saga & Farm Heroes Saga. It is a completely free game to play, but some of its items require payment.

In this game, you have to help Stella and her cats to stop dark spirits that are plaguing their land. While bursting bubbles, you can enjoy the exciting adventure and win new levels.

Bubble Witch 2 Saga: Play Now.

bubble witch saga

7.  8 Ball Pool.

8 Ball Pool is produced by Miniclip and the world’s highest and best online free Pool game. It is impressive in the list of all the best Facebook games.

Play with your friends, and challenge them against you, play live tournaments with millions of live players. It is a free game, and more than 10 million people are players of this game. You can enjoy this game anytime on Facebook in your free time.

8 Ball Pool: Play Now.

8 ball pool

8. FarmVille 2.

You can create your thriving farm in a beautiful 3D world with adorable animals, full of crops that bend in the breeze, and friends that help your farm come to life.

It is a free game, and you can play it on Facebook anytime. Most of the 10 million people are players of this game.

FarmVille 2: Play Now.

farmville 2

9. Cookie Jam.

Cookie Jam is a free game to play, and more than 5 million people are players of this game. This game has fun and challenging equal parts.

While you are traveling bakery you can set sail on this new puzzle adventure and explore mouth-watering patisseries from the world you have to crunch your cookies before they crumble.

Cookie Jam: Play Now.

cookie jam

1.0 Criminal Case.

Criminal Case is instead a detective based Facebook game. Players have to solve murders, and this can be done using the hidden object gameplay.

You can also solve crime scene puzzles with the help of finding relevant clues. This game has an in-game currency that can also be used to perform various tasks. This game is a must-try for all Facebook users.

Criminal Case: Play Now.

criminal case

Other Best Facebook Games List.

Here are the Top 50 best Facebook games that you can try as well.

Facebook Games ListPlay Link
Angry Birds (video game)Play Here.
ApensarPlay Here.
Amnesty the gamePlay Here.
Bejeweled BlitzPlay Here.
Brave ArmsPlay Here.
Bubble SafariPlay Here.
Café World
Play Here.
Car TownPlay Here.
CastleVillePlay Here.
ChefVillePlay Here.
ChronoBladePlay Here.
CityVille 2Play Here.
Civilization WorldPlay Here.
Crazy PlanetsPlay Here.
Dawn of the Dragons (video game)Play Here.
Doctor Who: Legacy (video game)
Play Here.
EA Sports FIFA SuperstarsPlay Here.
Empires & Allies
Play Here.
Family Guy: The Quest for StuffPlay Here.
Five-O PokerPlay Here.
Friends for Sale
Play Here.
Game of Thrones AscentPlay Here.
Global Warfare (video game)Play Here.
Green FarmPlay Here.
GreenSpacePlay Here.
Happy TalePlay Here.
Hidden ChroniclesPlay Here.
Indian RummyPlay Here.
Jelly SplashPlay Here.
Jetpack JoyridePlay Here.
King's Bounty: LegionsPlay Here.
KingsRoadPlay Here.
Letters of GoldPlay Here.
Madden NFL SocialPlay Here.
Mafia WarsPlay Here.
MapleStory AdventuresPlay Here.
Marvel: Avengers AlliancePlay Here.
MMA Pro Fighter
Play Here.
Mob Wars
Play Here.
New in Town (video game)
Play Here.
Nord (video game)Play Here.
Organ TrailPlay Here.
Pearl's PerilPlay Here.
The Pioneer TrailPlay Here.
PlayfishPlay Here.
SimCity SocialPlay Here.
Township (video game)Play Here.
Zynga PokerPlay Here.
Zynga BingoPlay Here.

We hope you enjoy these best Facebook games. This list is according to our research, so we will update new Facebook games as soon as possible. If any popular and best Facebook games are missing, then you must leave your comments.