Top 10 Best Endless Running Games For Android – 2020

Top 10 Best Endless Running Games For Android

Smartphone Users are increasing at large extend just due to their amazing features and OS. Android market contains millions of apps which includes games and other applications. Teenagers and even adults also love to play games on their smartphone. Some of them just buy smartphones only for games. Actually its not their fault, games developers are doing amazing job, even we love to play games on mobile. There are numbers of famous and fantastic games which includes mind games, mission based and others but in all of them the most popular and treading games are endless running games for android. After the popularity of Temple Run and Subway Surfer huge games comes in market based on different situations just because people love to play games of this category. So today we will discuss about some fabulous endless running games for android with their download links from the Google Play Store.

List Of Best Endless Running Games For Android.

1. Temple Run.

Temple Run is most popular in all endless running games for android. It was developed by Imangi studio developers. The basic concept of temple run is single man saving his life from behind monster and running into a temple and collecting coins without falling down or crashing anywhere. The main motive is just to collect coins and making more and more score possible in different situations. The graphic quality of Temple Run is amazing and developers have also included many different situation which makes it interesting. Temple Run’s first version became so popular and after getting huge response developer release Temple Run 2 which also become popular and its latest version was OZ. We hope Temple Run will continue to introduce new versions in future.

Download Temple Runtemple-run

2. Subway Surfer.

Subway surfer is based on a boy running endlessly over lanes and trains developed by Kiloo developers. This game also became top most downloaded game after temple run. In subway surfer, a police officer and his dog run to catch the player and you can shift from track to track and run over the trains and collect coins with different power like Magnate, Jetpack, mystery box and much more. Graphically subway surfer is colorful. Subway surfer has same concept in all its version with little bit chances and in every version they shift game from one city to another. Overall performance of Subway is best.Download Subway Surfersubway-surfers

3. JetPack Joyride.

Jetpack joyride is very interesting and electronic equipment based endless runner game develop by HalfBrick Studios. In Jetpack, Barry is free runner character who breaks and enters in the laboratory  and start running forward. In between there are many dangerous situations like missiles, lasers with different levels and collecting coins. Jetpack is interesting game and i personally like it most. Graphically it is very impressive as well as its mission and features are amazing. So don’t forget to download and enjoy it.

Download JetPack Joyridejetpack-joyride

4. Agent Dash.

Agent Dash is designed and based on Bond like avatar. in this games atmosphere is created like secret mission and graphically looks like Disney effects. In this game Agent has to complete challenges and run as far as possible. It has different situation which includes falling trees, skidding trucks, laser beams and much more.Download Agent Dash


5. Rail Rush.

It is based on moving rail in underground mines developed by Rail rush is also an amazing game with different challenges and collecting gold and score more points. It also includes different characters and much more. In rail rush you have just run the rail on tracks and crossing all barriers without falling down.Download Rail Rush


6. Despicable Me: Minion Rush.

Another beautiful game with yellowish effects. It is a fun free runner game in which the player has to collect more and more bananas. Graphically this game is best and has 3D effects. The main aim is just to collect more bananas and upgrade weapons and power up an score more as possible. Boss fights are also included in this game.Download Despicable Me: Minion Rush

7. Smash Hit.

Smash it is rather a very unique in all endless running games for android. It is a first person perspective view game. In this game, players are given a limited number of metal balls that they need to throw at glass obstacles in order to cross them. As you advance in the game, you also get more balls but you loose if the balls are finished. The game is a must try because of the graphics and mechanics.Download Despicable Me: Minion Rushsmash-hit

8. Sonic Dash 2.

Sonic is an iconic name in the field of endless running games for android. Therefore, it’s game is a must mention in the list of endless runner games for android. Sonic dash 2 is rather a new game it comes with a team play model where you can swap out who is running to try to get an even better score. It also features boss fights and interactions with other characters in the series. These extra additions make the game very interesting.Download Despicable Me: Minion Rushsonic-dash

9. Zombie Highway 2.

If you are a fan of horror genre, then zombie highway is the game you should try. It is an endless runner game based on a zombie theme. Players have to drive a car through various zombie infected areas. These zombies stick to the car and try stop you. But there are also a large number of guns available that you can use to kill these zombies and advance in the game.Download Despicable Me: Minion Rushzombie-highway

10. Crossy road.

Crossy road is a very casual and fun game for android users. It is based on am endless run game play. Player has to make the character in the game cross the roads avoiding vehicles and obstacles. The objective of the game is to cross as many roads as possible without dying. This game is a hit on the Google Play Store and we highly recommend it.Download Despicable Me: Minion Rushcrossy-roadThese are some best endless running games for android. There and many famous available in the market like Run like hell and much more games based on running concept.
We hope you enjoy playing these games and don’t forget to share with other also.