Top 10 Best Code Editor For PC Windows/Mac – 2020

Top 10 Best Code Editor For PC Windows and Mac

Computer are widely used devices because of their efficiency and speed. The computer is composed of a combination of hardware and software. Computer and IT field is mainly depends on programming, hardware and networking. Computer programming is the base of  software development and Web development. We already listed out few learning programming online. Computer programmers need a programming interface to make their coding easy and less time consuming. Although some languages coding is done on notepad like java, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS etc. But it is every difficult to edit that code later. Because in notepad there is no line by line interpreter that reduce the chances of error occurring and there is no auto suggestion enable in notepad that works by typing some initial words of a particular method or an interface. Good Programmer need typing speed so we recommend to try increase typing speed online. So it will make coding more easy and simple we need code editor. Code editor for PC are very efficient software that support many languages to edit it. If you are new programmer and do not know about best code editor then do not worry. In this article we provide you a list of best code editing software for PC.

Best Code Editor For PC Windows & MAC To Do Programming.

1. Notepad++.

Notepad++ is one the simple code editor for PC windows & MAC. It is an open source program and is the extended version of in built Notepad. Notepad++ is  supported by Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac OS. Upon starting the program you will find difference between notepad and notepad++ easily. It also support the additional plugins. Another features of it include spell checking, tabbed editing, drag and drop capabilities, find and replace, line interpreter, file comparison, zooming and much more. It support syntax of 48 programming languages with content folding and syntax highlighting including c, c++, HTML, JAVA, CSS, PHP etc.

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Notepad++ Code editor

2. JEdit.

JEdit is another popular code editor for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix and VMS. It is written in java programming language. It is an open source software and support hundreds of plugins and Macros. JEdit support more than 200 languages with syntax highlighting and line interpreter. It support different character encoding including UTF8 and Unicode. JEdit is alight weight program easy to install program and allow quick editing to program with error checking. Because it is develop in java programming therefore it is platform independent software just you only need JVM of that OS to run it.

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3. Crimson Editor.

Crimson is another popular code editor for PC which is written in  C programming language. It is an open source software which is developed for Windows only. It support only english language currently. Crimson Editor is light programming software. It support more than 60 programming languages with line interpreter, compiler integration and syntax highlighting feature including C, C++, Ruby. MySQL, Perl, HTML, CSS, PHP etc. Crimson Editor also provide support for plugins and Macros. It also provide support for FTP client.

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4. Araneae.

Araneae is an editor for professional Web developers for Windows only. It is available for free for non commercial use. It also support various extensions to use with it. Araneae provide instant browser preview without saving the code. It provide support for HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and more. This coder also provide drag and drop support for files and images. It support syntax highlighting with line interpreting which provide easy debugging of code and reduce the chances of error occurring. It provide easy to use tool and simple interface.

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Araneae code editor

5. Borland Compiler.

Borland is rather one of the common choice for C and C++ beginners. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. It highlight the language keyword with different colors. Borland Compiler is a lightweight, non dos based compiler which provide easy development of C and C++ programs. It also compile the entire program within few minutes and find the errors with line number and provide the appropriate warnings to avoid that errors. We can save and open the files with .CPP extension. Borland Compiler is light weight software easy to install, run and include all C, C++ libraries.

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6. Eclipse Java Editor.

Eclipse is also a professional Java code editor for PC. It is platform independent support any OS including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS, we just only need the JVM of corresponding OS. Eclipse support only java. It is smart tool that provide java syntax highlighting, sort the keywords  in different colors, auto suggestion for removing the errors. Eclipse also provide suggestion for different functions available in java and sort them in alphabetic order. Eclipse also include external libraries to make a bridge between different databases and java. It is a smart software you just create class, packages, interfaces with in few minutes.

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7. Brackets.

Brackets is most popular code editor for PC with latest technology like Angular JS, java editor, HTML, CSS, PHP etc. It is a professional web development tool which provide line interpreter, line formatting, different background colors etc. It is an open source web editor that provide auto suggestion for HTML and CSS. Brackets is wise web development tool which allow the Content folding and present the web languages keyword into different colors. It can also provide support to run files from PHP servers directly. It also provide files and images a drag and drop capability.

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8. NetBeans 8.0.

NetBeans 8.0 is another good Code editor For PC Windows and MAC. It is available for Windows, MAC and Linux and support both 32 and 64 bit OS. It provide code editor for C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP and also include server side scripting JSP with the help of Apache Tom Cat server. NetBeans 8.0 is free to download from its official site. We can also download its different version according to our language requirements. It provide a simple to use interface.

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9. Rj Text Editor.

Rj Text Editor is another best code editor for Windows only. It is free to download. It is specially designed for web developers. Rj Text Editor support HTML, CSS, Java script, ASP and PHP. It is a smart code editor which support code folding, syntax highlighting and auto code completion to increase our coding speed. This coder also has a smart spelling checker. It provide support for FTP and smart FTP. Rj Text Editor also support for Unicodes.

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10. Atom.

It is rather an open source powerful code editor which is available for free. Atom is available for Windows, Linux and MAC. It is best code editor for HTML, CSS and Java Script. We can easily customize it with 8 predefined themes in dark and light colors. different themes. It provide a smart code autocomplete tool to provide a fast coding speed. We can also split its windows into multiple pane to compare code.

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So these few best code editors for windows PC and mac. In case we missed any of the best one let us know in comments below.