AnyTrans Review – All In One Data Management Tool For Android Devices

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There was a time when iPhone was considered to be a far superior to android phones. With time this difference is coming very close to completely disappearing. Android phones are now offering very comparable features and even more value for money to the users. Hence, we see many people migrating from iPhone to Android. Once users are accustomed to a specific OS environment, especially something like IOS, they tend to become conservative due to the tightly closed services. But if you are a new android user, especially if you are coming from an IOS device, we have something to make the transition smooth and improve your overall Android experience. AnyTrans is a simple yet very powerful files management tool for Android. It also specialises in transferring data from an iPhone to Android, which makes it stand out. Here is a complete review along with a brief feature tour for AnyTrans for Android.

AnyTrans for Android – All in one Manager Tool.

AnyTrans is a powerful all in one management tool for Android. It offers a complete package for all your Android management needs including, file management, android to android file transfer, PC to android file transfer and vice versa and the most specialised feature – iPhone to Android file transfer.  Let us take a look at all these features in detail.

1. Switch From iPhone to Android.

One of the most impressive features offered by AnyTrans is its ability to transfer all your data from an iPhone to your new android phone seamlessly and safely. Over the years people hesitate to move from an iPhone to an Android is due to the fact that it was not easy to transfer all your files across the two platforms and there was a chance you’d lose your data. Most people relied on professional help. But AnyTrans is here to change it. The tool offers features that can transfer all your data including contacts, images and videos to your Android device in a few clicks. It has one of the most intuitive interfaces we’ve seen to do so.

anytrans iphone to android data transfer

2. Transfer Data and Files Android to Android.

The next feature we tested in the AnyTrans Android manager was its ability to transfer files from one android phone to another. It has a clean UI and offers to either completely copy one device to the other or you can choose the files you want to transfer. You can also transfer files by categories so if you want to transfer all your videos to another android phone, you can do it with the help of AnyTrans Android Manager. The transfer is quite easy and hassle-free. The files are automatically moved to the correct folders so you can see them in the right app on the Android ecosystem. We found out this feature to be quite handy.

anytrans android to android data transfer

3. Backup All Your Android Files.

With AnyTrans Android Manager, you can forget being worried about losing your adorable pictures, your travel videos, your important contacts and your conversations. AnyTrans is capable of safely backing up all your files and data stored on your android mobile. It creates a secure copy of all your files on your PC so if by chance you lose your files on your Android smartphone, You can quickly restore them using AnyTrans manager for android. These days, we all have a lot of important data on our phones and we highly recommend backing it up. AnyTrans for Android is a good and reliable way to do so.

anytrans data backup android

4. Convert and Copy Media Files.

In the past, users have had to rely on special video converters for convert video formats and resolution to run TV shows and movies on their Android smartphone. But to add more to the convenience AnyTrans is already offering, it also has a built-in video downloader and converter as the icing on the cake. This video converter has the power to take care of all the entertainment needs on the go. AnyTrans for Android can download videos and music from youtube as well as 900+ other entertainment sites. The best part is that it automatically chooses the best format and resolution so that it is a breeze to run the downloaded videos on your android phone.

anytrans media download


AnyTrans for Android – All in one Manager for Android is available both as a free version and a full version can also be bought. Use the download links below to enjoy all the features AnyTrans has to offer.

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AnyTrans is one of the best android managers we’ve come across. If you are an iPhone user just switching to android, not only AnyTrans will help you in the transition, it will also provide the convenience of iTunes and with even more features. If you have any query, feel free to write to us. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.