Top 10 Best Android Interesting Games – 2020

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Android provides a popular platform for gaming to its smartphone and tablet users. Android offers many different types of Games for its users.

It provides Games in Racing, Fighting, Adventure, shooting, etc. People like to play games to pass their free time.

Android smartphones save our cost of playing games on expensive consoles. We do not need to buy game hardware like Xbox and PS player for playing a game.

Android Provide sufficient hardware support for playing games. Android also offers all-time exciting Games for its users.

These Games are available in many different Categories like fighting, Racing, Role Playing, sports, etc. These Games are a combination of adventure and new fun.

Today we are going to discuss some popular Android Interesting Games with a brief description of each.

Top Interesting Games For Android.

1. Subway Surfer.

Subway Surfer Android Game

Subway Surfer is a simple but yet addictive game. And, it has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on the Google play store.

Also, It is an infinite running game in which we have to play the role of the boy and run through the subway to escape from the inspector.

Int this, you have to dance between tracks right and left to escape from the obstacles of the way. We can also take amazing gadgets like jetpack, hoverboard, etc.

Approximately 200 million users downloaded this Game.

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2. Spider-Man Unlimited.

Spider-Man Unlimited Android Game

Spider-Man Unlimited is one of the most famous Marvel comics Games. In this game, we have to save the New York city from evils and crime.

We must fight against the Criminals and rescue innocent people. This Game provides us with a combination of adventure and action in a single pack.

It is a lightweight Game which has Awesome graphics. And, we have to survive among the evil villains and rescue our city.

It provides us with a chance to become a real hero. Approximately 100 million users downloaded this Game.

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3. Rail Rush.

Rail Rush Android Game

Rail Rush is one of the famous Android Interesting Game, which is full of adventure and fun.

In this game, we have to collect all the precious stones and gold nuts. We have to explore the different and existing paths in the mine.

We also have to escape from the zombies and fight with them. It provides 18 different characters to play the game with cook power-ups.

It also has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on the Google play store. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this Game.

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4. Bottle Shoot.

Bottle Shoot Android Game

It is another popular Android game in the list of exciting games for Android. It is the best shooting game that provides fantastic graphics.

In this game, we have to swipe our finger to break the bottle. It provides a realistic sound of a bottle breaking.

It is an addictive shooting game. Also, it provides various difficulty levels and challenges. Be the master of shooting and earn maximum points.

Approximately 50 million users downloaded this Game.

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5. Inotia 4.

Inotia 4 Android Game

It is the Android War and RPG Game with different levels of difficulty. Let’s Ready to choose our side when two force rises.

Be the part of the light and feel like Ancient Worrier. This game has six different classes and 90 different skills 15 skills for each category.

Customise your skills and play the game to defeat our rivals. This game provides the real like scenes of Old wars with excellent graphics and sound quality.

Approximately 50 million users downloaded this Game.

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6. 100 Balls.

100 Balls Android Game

100 Balls is one of the most exciting Android Games which fixes our hand with a glow on a mobile screen.

It is a lightweight Android Game that requires Android 4.0.3 or higher version. In it, you have to pass the falling balls through the cup. You get points for different colour balls.

If you manage to throw 20 balls through the cup without dropping a single one, then we get a score multiplier.

It is also an excellent option to improve our concentration. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this Game.

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7. 1001-in-1 Games.

1001+ Games LogoIt is a combo pack that offers over 1000 different Games of each category. You don’t need to download any other Game. Also, it is a very lightweight Android Game with attractive Graphics and easy to play control.

It provides a puzzle and logic Games, Shooting games, drawing games, sports, water games and much more. So, we can taste many games in one pack.

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8. Red Ball 4.

Red Ball 4 Android Game

Red Ball 4 is an Android arcade game. Evil minions want to convert the planet into a square shape. Red Ball is assigned a mission to complete and rescue our world.

This game is full of fun as well as adventure. And, it offers you 60 different levels to complete.

You have to make your way by saving yourself from the trap and all difficulties of the way. This Game also provides an epic boss battle.

Approximately 50 million users downloaded this Game.

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9. Lap’s World 2.

Lap's World 2 Android Game

Lap’s World 2 is a combination of Adventure and Arcade games. In this game, lap has to save his friends and family alone.

We have to help lep in gaining different powers and abilities. This game offers eight different worlds with 64 levels.

It provides ten plus different items and abilities that help is to complete levels. We have to defeat 13 enemies.

Approximately 50 million users downloaded this Game.

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10. Ultimate Soccer.

Ultimate Soccer Android Game

Ultimate Soccer football is one of the popular sports game that is free to download and is available on the Google play store.

This game has three modes, including world cup mode, career mode, and cooperative manner.

We have to kick from the centre and make a strategy to oppose our rivals. The games provide fantastic sound quality and graphics.

Approximately 50 million users downloaded this Game.

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11. Wrestling Revolution.

Wrestling Revolution Android Game

Wrestling Revolution is one of the best wrestling games. It is available on the Google Play store for free.

It provides many league matches and competitions.  Choose the best player and get ready to fight.  This game offers fantastic graphics and sound quality.

It also provides us with virtual keys control to play the game. This game includes 350 wrestling characters. people

Approximately 10 million users downloaded this game.

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In conclusion, these are the best android games that we are sure you will find interesting. Share this impressive list of most exciting android games with your friends as well.