7 Clever Ways to Get App Reviews Efficiently

7 Clever Ways to Get App Reviews Efficiently Thumbnail

There are tons of applications in the app stores, you name it and there would be an app for it (unless you say foolish things on purpose ). Google app store and Apple App Store are places that hold millions of apps, both big and small. There are tons of features and factors that differentiates a big app from a not much popular one. One of those key factors is the what users say about the app i.e. Reviews. It is a long established fact that positive reviews can boost app reviews.

The more positive words you have from your customers, the more new customers are going to trust you. The same phenomenon works with app store application as well. If you are a developer who is yet lagging behind reviews, deploy the below mentioned tips.

Focus on Downloads

As mentioned above, positive reviews can boost your App downloads, but what about if we turn the concept upside down ?

It still works !

And it is pretty simple why, because when people download your apps, more would be leaving reviews which would lead to increase in reviews.If you have an app that performs good and stands perfectly in competition, consider running Ad campaign to drive more downloads and install to it.

Get App Reviews Efficiently

Use App Review Plugins

If you go by the quote where there is a will, there is a way, you’d find that you should first begin by asking users for reviews, which is quite a simple thing to do with plugins. Tons of such plugins are prevailing in the market. These plugins are available for both the android and iOS platforms.

While using such apps, the pop timing is a crucial thing. Too early and users would be annoyed, too late and users won’t care. Thereby you need to find sweet spots where your pops make sense instead of annoying.

Don’t make it hard

There are apps where you need to register in order to rate. This can certainly act as a barrier and might discourage users to leave off their feedback. If you really want to get a lot of reviews, make the process very easy. The process should be fast and make sure it doesn’t lag. The process should be short and it should be very clear, where one has to click and write and submit the review.

The Precise timing

Doesn’t  it irritate you when a advertisement or review form pop ups in middle of an app ?Everyone hates this, this is why you should make sure that your timing is great. You can set your popups to appear when user performs a specific action such as using the app for specific time and similar things or actions like this.This is one of the things you should concentrate on developing algorithms for.

Buy Reviews

If you don’t like doing all the stuff on your own, you can buy reviews by hiring someone to do it for you or may be buying them. There are many app promotion companies offering positive and quality reviews from real users, you can have a try with BestReviewsforApp.

Once you have a decent number of reviews, it would also encourage other users to leave their feedback. This platform provides real and authentic reviews from users around the globe.

Provide Incentives

One of the best places where you might have seen this strategy is in the 8 ball pool, where they ask you for feedback in lieu of free pool coins. Not only this , there are lots of other examples as well.

This works because people love freebies and you can certainly use this to increase your reviews. You should provide some sort of rewards in lieu of their valuable feedback by integrating the incentives in your app.


There is no doubt in the fact that reviews are really beneficial for an app. Over the time you will grow real reviews due to the quality of your app. To speed the process up, you can deploy the above tips.